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The story sucks; the story is awesome

30 March 2013 - 05:03 AM

We keep hearing things like "the story sucks" or the "story is awesome", but exactly what do you mean when you say this?

Just a simple survey about what makes a great story. If mods can help with a poll that'll be awesome. Of course all are important, but you can only pick one :)
  • Freshness of the plot
  • Consistency of the plot
  • Depth of the characters
  • Impact of player actions
  • Implementation
Freshness of the plot
You don't want the same-old-same-old. Enough with the boy-meets-girl-I-am-your-father-the-butler-did-it-happily-ever-after crap that you have been reading forever.

Consistency of the plot
The whole story should be believable and internally consistent. Superman shooting heat rays from his eyes is fine, but Batman shouldn't be able to. No Deus-Ex-Machina-kryptonite-it-was-just-a-dream type of endings.

Depth of the characters
Characters should have some sort of development. Players need to "like" the NPCs. Maybe the NPCs have an interesting quirk, or have cool personalities, or are crucial to the plot, or just plain bad-ass.

Impact of player actions
The players should be able to affect the story. Players want branching storylines with multiple endings that are determined by how they play the game and what choices they make.

The story is only as good as the story teller. A mediocre story can still be great if you get the right actors and writers. You want good voice actors where you can hear the difference between panic and anger. You want good dialogue where characters say things that are consistent with their personality and age.

GW2 accounts for 45% of all game sales for NCSoft

21 February 2013 - 01:48 PM


Guild Wars 2 was the big seller for the publisher, making up 45 percent of all game sales for a total of 119 billion South Korean won ($109.4 million)

NCSoft was making a loss before GW2 launched. Even in the quarter that GW2 launched, the sales was still lower than expected.

But the performance for this quarter is optimistic. Maybe this will pave the way for more B2P MMOs in future.



Where is Everyone now?

09 February 2013 - 08:41 AM

Before GW2 launched there was a lot of coordination that went into selecting servers for the various communities like Oceanic, SEAsian, RP, PvP etc

After guesting was implemented it seemed like there was a lot of movement and transfers on a guild-wide level.

I'm just wondering if we have some up-to-date info about where the various communities are now.

How to lodge complaints for non-US customers?

27 October 2012 - 02:37 AM

I have an open ticket currently being looked into by customer service. In the event that the matter cannot be resolved in a manner that I find acceptable, what other avenues can I explore?

I have read about Better Business Bureau, but they are a nonprofit organization that focuses on mediation. What I'm looking for is more of a government organization or industry regulatory body within the US to file an official complaint.

Any help is appreciated.

[Poll] Digital Sales vs Retail Sales

01 October 2012 - 04:42 PM

Can the mods help make a poll?

Which would you rather purchase?
1. Retail
2. Digital

Discussion brought to you by the ongoing debate on MoP sales.

It's good that the industry is no longer quoting one single source of information.

Previously Lazard Capital was quoted as saying that the initial retail sales of 700k for MoP were disappointing, and even if digital sales were to be included, the total figure would still be lacklustre.


That said, to make up this kind of shortfall - over 2.5 million units difference between the expansions, assuming the 700,000 Pandaria figure is correct - digital would have to have become the primary means of selling product. Digital is certainly important; a 57% increase in digital sales was responsible for Blizzard's profits bump in the third quarter 2011. But if, for the sake of discussion, digital sales brought Pandaria to exactly the same sales level as Cataclysm, then retail would be just a little over 21% of total sales. Even given the growth of digital since 2010, that result doesn't seem likely.

Now Brean Murray, Carrett and Co gives a more optimistic forecast:


They see one million year long subscriptions purchased as part of the Diablo 3 bundle as a good sign, and they believe that even with retail sales down, digital copies will move far more quickly, and have a better profit margin by cutting out the middleman. They predict 4.5M units of Mists of Pandaria will be sold in the third quarter.

After reading both sides, I think the crux of the matter is in the ratio of digital sales to retail sales, ie what percentage of sales is made through retail, and what percentage through digital?

The reason they have conflicting forecasts is because they are making different assessments of what this ratio will be.

Just to put things in perspective:

For MoP to match Cata with their retail sales, they would need to have 80% of their entire sales made through digital channels, ie for every 5 games sold, 1 person is buying the box, 4 people are buying online.

I prefer digital sales myself, and I think digital sales is catching on. But to have it constitute as much as 80% of all your sales? Do you think it's possible?