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Overheard in ...

19 October 2012 - 03:18 PM

Overheard in Lions Arch Central Plaza:

As many times as I've been through the area, I've not heard this before which makes me think it was just recently added, a short converstion between a sylvari and an asura. Not an exact quote, but pretty close I think.

asura: You should see it when there's a festival.
sylvari: That's wonderful! When is the next one?
asura: Wait and see, kid. Wait and see.

Surely referring to the upcoming Halloween festival. A sort of sneak preview how ArenaNet will be adding some content in the future? Has anyone else heard or seen anything along such lines?

Artificially Intelligent Game Bots Pass the Turing Test On Turing's Centenary

27 September 2012 - 12:26 PM

Artificially Intelligent Game Bots Pass the Turing Test On Turing's Centenary

Bots in MMOs are, apparently, pretty easy to recognize even when sometimes one does a double take or has to stop to watch and think a bit, but what if bots had the kind of AI described in the article? It's surprising that human players averaged only 40 i.e. only 40% of the judges thought that the human players were actually human.

Food for thought and speculation about the future of MMOs. Would it be possible to develop code to detect bots when even a majority of humans think other humans are bots? If you're accused of botting, how could you prove your innocence when bots are so good? Maybe similar bots are already being used and we haven't recognized them yet?