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#1401613 [PvX - NA] Noble Phantasm: Active, Social, Balanced

Posted Kattrina on 02 May 2012 - 07:40 PM

Noble Phantasm

The goal of Noble Phantasm is to go as far as this game will allow without selling our souls to get there. Most of us come from an excellent gaming background and left it because of the negativity and competitive attitude attached to that style. Win, lose, or fail, we're going to press forward and live or die, we do it together and we have fun. If your goal is enjoyment in a clean, work-safe, no-pressure environment, then you found home. Otherwise, this likely won't be the guild for you.

Guild Leader: Kattrina Pender

Server: Stormbluff Isle

Members: 96

Website: http://www.noblephantasm.com

Status: Recruiting

Timezone: Most of us are PST, but we have people from all over.

A Bit About Ourselves:

Noble Phantasm has been around for over 6 years and has experienced incredible success through games such as WoW, Aion, and SWTOR. At our core, we're a group of people from different parts of the world with different background and different lifestyles who all decided at some point that we wanted a guild that aimed for the top and that shot to experience end-game content, but did not want to have to join a hardcore, crude, competitive guild where you're always fighting to perform better than the guy next to you or risk removal.

For me personally, I sought to create a guild of my own when one of my excellent friends in the Marines had to leave the guild we were both in because he didn't want to have to send his daughters away whenever he played with us because the language was too foul and the content was too M rated.

For this reason, Noble Phantasm focuses first on a clean and friendly environment. We have a motto of hire for attitude and train for skill. We're looking first and foremost for people who can add something to our community, get along with other people, and can handle keeping things PG13 for the people who have kids.

After that though, we do press for the big leagues and will be fighting to own keeps, taking out world bosses, and accomplishing everything end game has to offer. We've been highly successful with this in the past and plan to continue to do as we've always done.

What are we looking for?

What we're looking for are people interested in our hardcore/casual balance. We're looking for people who have a drive to push to the end but similarly don't want to do it by sacrificing a part of your soul to deal with kids or adults who've never grown up and think it's fun to continually talk about their non-existent made-up sex life or put others down because it's the only way for them to feel good about themselves or cuss every couple words because the kids think it makes them sound like adults. I have no desire to deal with that garbage.

If you think you're a decent player and can positively contribute to NP's fun and kind of goofy environment, then please toss us an application of hop onto our website to introduce yourself or ask us any question you might have.


I realize that nothing helps you to understand what kind of people we are more than seeing us for yourselves. These are some videos that show you a bit of who we are and a bit of how we roll: both in the serious and not so serious.

Our tech guy is still working on some video from the Guild Wars 2 Open Beta and those should be added shortly.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even just want to meet me, please feel free to send me a private message, visit our site, or just respond to this thread here.