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#2260457 Xbox One & Playstation 4 Thread

Posted Guest 34905 on 18 November 2013 - 04:19 PM

View PostRobsy128, on 17 November 2013 - 03:19 PM, said:

2 weeks left for me! I have CoD:Ghosts for my PS4 sitting on my desk. At least the box is pretty...

I thought about buying it too, cause I do like BF big wars, but sometimes I really want some small arena fights.
But then I saw this :D

#2176418 Age of Empires 2 HD Edition

Posted Havaan on 08 March 2013 - 02:07 AM

oh wow I'd heard this might be coming, anything on possible multiplayer support?

#2151648 What do people want in next gen consoles?

Posted Winterclaw on 26 January 2013 - 11:35 PM

I actually want them to come out later rather than sooner.

Here's the deal, the drive for better graphics is killing gameplay and driving up the cost of new IPs (meaning there's fewer of them).  A lot of the neat newer ideas that are coming out are tending to be indie games that don't really need the power of a current console, much less a newer one.  Take minecraft, it can probably play pretty comfortably on an older PC yet it was one of the more innovative games to come out.  Likewise some franchises are in danger of being branded to death (oversatutation is bad).

So basically I want the big 3 to what awhile and help the dev studios to come up with cheaper and better ways of delevering the cutting edge graphics.  Make the new systems development friendly too.

#2094020 Black Friday Sales for Friday

Posted AiponGkooja on 24 November 2012 - 01:16 AM

View PostVar, on 23 November 2012 - 11:35 PM, said:

Thats because bulk already has a discount attributed to it, so they took the bulk discounter and added a smaller % off than 50%, but in the end it is still 50% off had you bought 1 at a time. Merchants do this all the time.

I do understand.  It didn't have to be done that way, however; putting the real price and saying 30% off would have been more accurate.

#1853061 Where is the line between Efficent/Good Value and Exploit?

Posted caleth on 31 August 2012 - 06:11 AM

If you have to ask this question....you are already potentially on the wrong side of the tracks and looking for justification.....

The above sounds TOO much list the "exploit" that earned the bans/suspensions....Do you want to gamble that this is not the same type of "exploit" ?

#1754188 Concerned about GW2 sales? #4 video game and #1 PC game on Amazon

Posted Donny on 17 August 2012 - 05:27 PM

I'm very interested to see MoP sales on release because of how popular gw2 is.

#1665759 Guildwars 2 Inventory and You (Maximizing Space on the Cheap)

Posted Jerich on 02 August 2012 - 04:53 AM

I always run out of inventory space in any MMO I play.  The main problem is that I love to craft and quest and always have a ton of those items on hand.  Here are some things I've found out about GW 2 to help me plan my storage space.

Starting Inventory

  • 30 shared bank slots
  • Crafting Material / Cooking Material / Mini-Pet Storage... You can have 250 of each crafting item stored.
Per Character
  • 20 slot starter backpack
  • Four bag slots
  • You can have up to 5 characters

  • 4 slot bags can be purchased from vendors for 32 copper
  • 8 slot bags can be made by crafters (tailor, leatherworker, armorsmith) with 20 tier 1 materials (jute scrap, rawhide scraps, copper ore)
  • Each tier of crafting makes a higher quality bag (10 slots, 12 slots, 15 slots, etc).  In addition to raw materials, these higher level bags require an increasingly expensive vendor item called runes of holding.
  • 20 slot bags can be made at max level, and they require a superior rune of holding (10 gold) to make.
Specialty Bags
  • All three professions can make invisible bags (which don't show up when selling to merchants)
  • Tailors can make 8-20 slot Craftsman's Bags (New crafting materials are placed here first when looting)
  • Leatherworkers can make 8-20 slot Oiled Leather Packs (Junk items are placed here first when looting)
  • Armorsmiths can make 8-20 slot Reinforced Padded Equipment Boxes (Weapons and Armor Fill this bag First)
Gem Store Upgrades

   Free Storage
  • We start with 30 bank slots
  • Each Character Starts with a starter pack and 4 bag slots (100 maximum slots)
  • We can make 5 characters.
  • That means we all have 530 free slots without using the cash store (which is a pretty decent number considering we have seperate storage for crafting ingredients in our bank and can send crafting items to the bank while on the field)
Bank Tab Expansion
  • You can expand your bank 7 times for 600 gems each time
  • Each expansion adds another 30 slots
  • Since gems will most likely sell for 400 for $5.00, this each expansion will cost around $7.50.
  • Each extra equpment slot  bought this way is therefore 25 cents
Character Slot Expansion
  • You can buy more character slots for 800 gems
  • This is about $10.00 US currency
  • If you assume you can easily get 20 slot packs, you can get 100 equipment slots this way.
  • Each extra equipment slot bought this way is therefore 10 cents.
  • Even if we factor in the high price of 20 slot bags and just use 8 slot bags, each slot is still only 19 cents a piece
Bag Slot Upgrade
  • You can add an extra bag slot to a single character for 400 gems  (Up to 3 times)
  • This is about $5.00 US currency
  • If you assume easy 20 slot packs, this is 25 cents a slot
  • If you use 10 slot packs, this is 50 cents a slot
Tips to Maximizing Your Inventory on the Cheap

   How to get by without extra bag slots even if you are a crafter
  • Buying salvaging tools should be prioirty #1... Even if you don't craft, you will want to mine every ore node / chop down every tree you come across for experience and profit.  You can buy them from vendors in most starting areas.
  • You can buy a crude salvage kit at many renowned heart vendor for a small karma price.  Use these kits to break apart trash drops.
  • Send any crafting material directly to your bank by right clicking on it and choosing (send to bank)
  • You can quickly sell junk items to renowned heart vendors through the sell all junk items button.
  • You can post any item you think will selll (crafting ingredients will sell really well until bots ruin the market) by directly opening up the trading house.  I will write a guide on this later.
  • You can also mail items directly to an alt from the interface if you have a second account (directy from the interface without using a mailbox).  Tyr Odinson (on post 51) tested this and calculated you can get 100 extra spots of storage this way.  Check out his post here:  http://www.guildwars...ap/page__st__50
  • Using these steps, the default bag slots should be more than sufficient
Organizing your Bags
  • Ideally, I will organize my bags this way...  Starter Pack = Overflow and a space for my salvage kits
  • Bag #1 Reinforced Padded Equipment Box... All my salvagable loot will come here for me to quickly break apart or sell on auction house
  • Bag #2 Craftsman's Bag ... All crafting material will gather here for me to quickly righ click and send to bank.
  • Bag #3 Invisible Bag ... My Extra gear (extra weapons / armor, buffs, etc) that I don't want to sell on accident will go here.
  • Bag #4 Oiled Leather Pack ... Junk items will go here so I never have to sort through them.
Efficient Use of Gems
  • Buy Character Slots First:  If you find yourself running out of space... Your best bet is to make sure you are using all five of your character slots and then to buy more character slots
    • First... this is the cheapest use of gems by far (10 cents per equipment slot compared to 25 cents for the other options)
    • Second... It is quite possible that Arena Net will give each of your characters a birthday gift like they did in Guildwars 1.  These are usually worth money and on a per character basis.
  • Buy Extra Bank Slots Second:  I would only buy bank slots if you find the 30 default slots too annoying.  While not as good a deal as character slots, they are a quality of life issue and mean you won't have to mule as much.
  • Buy Extra Bag Slots Last:  These are not a good deal.  I would only buy them if you find yourself running out of working space consistantly and even then only for your main characters.
Part 2: Gem Store Upgrades vs 20-Slot Bags
As like any MMO, bags in GW2 get more expensive as you get better and better ones. Here is a table that lets you quickly see the scaling cost per inventory slot for each level of bag:

Note: (For a more detailed listing of how I calculated these numbers... go to http://gaiscioch.com...post_32754.html)

The Price of Bags
  • Starter Backpack (20 new slots):  Free!
  • 8-Slot Bags (32 new slots): 6 copper / slot
  • 10-Slot Bags (8 new slots): 3.47 silver / slot
  • 12-Slot Bags (8 new slots):  7.38 silver / slot
  • 15-Slot Bags (12 new slots):  17.60 silver / slot
  • 18-Slot Bags (12 new slots): 75 silver / slot
  • 20-Slot Bags (8 new slots):  6 gold / slot
*These costs are assuming 8 slot packs are 50 copper and other packs sell for 1.5 times the cost of the rune

The Price of Gem Store Upgrades
  • Extra Character Slot (80 new slots assuming 15 slot bags):  10 gems / slot
  • Bank Tab Expansions (30 new slots): 20 gems / slot
  • Extra Bag Slot (18 slots assuming 18 slot bags):  22.22 gems / slot   
When should you buy gem store upgrades instead of 20-slot bags?
  • Extra Character Slots:  Buy When Gems are Cheaper than 100 gems = 57 gold
  • Bank Tab Expansions:  Buy When Gems are Cheaper than 100 gems = 30 gold
  • Extra Bag Slots: Buy When Gems are Cheaper than 100 gems = 24 gold
Note: I don't think the price of 100 gems will reach 24 gold until at least a month after launch. If gems ever go over 57 gold per 100, that will probably be at least a couple months after launch. That means it will most likely be better to purchase gems for inventory upgrades instead of investing in 20 slot packs.

Edit:  Shayne Hawke created a rather epic Excel spreadsheet where you can input the current auction house price of bags.  It then tells you whether you should update your bag sizes or buy bag slots etc for EVERY type of bag.  Definitely worth checking out... Here is the Link: http://www.guildwars...ap/page__st__57

Part 3:  Adding Inventory By Purchasing Your Own Private Guildbank

We can be part of multiple guilds at once in Guildwars 2.  This means that you could create a dummy guild just for the sake of a guild bank.  While I think we should always represent our real guilds so that our task influence go to our guild, it is quite possible to buy the influence you need to purchase a guild bank.  Here are the breakdowns...

Cost of Hiring a Guild Promoter
  • 10 influence for 10 silver
  • 100 influence for 1 gold
  • 1,000 influence for 10 gold
  • 10,000 influence for 100 gold
Cost of adding a guild bank
  • 500 influence to research Architecture Level 1
  • 1,000 influence to research Architecture Level 2
  • 1,000 influence to add a 50 slot guild bank  (requires level 2)
  • 5,000 influence to research Architecture Level 3
  • ??? influence to research Architecture Level 4
  • 5,000 influence to add 100 additional slots to your guild bank (requires level 4)
  • ??? influence to research Architecture Level 5
  • 10,000 influence to add an additional 100 slots to your guild bank (requires level 5)

This means that it will cost a mere 25 gold to add the first 50 slots to your personal guild bank.  That is about 50 silver per slot and is comparable to the jump from 15 slot packs to 18 slot packs.

While we don't know right now how much architecture level 4 and 5 will cost, let's assume that they are 10,000 and 20,000 respectively.  This means that the next 100 slots would be 200 gold or 2 gold a slot.  The final 100 would be 300 gold or 3 gold a slot.  Note that both of those are better deals than moving to 20 slot packs  (although using this route will probably take over a month of real life time).

I hope this helps!

- Jerich of Gaiscioch / Sanctum of Rall

P.S.  Thank you Shayne Hawke for pointing out a minor calculation error (which caused around a 10% error)!  I have modified the OP to reflect this.

#1597820 What Makes a Good Guild Leader?

Posted chuckles79 on 13 July 2012 - 11:52 PM

First, they must be active in the game and supportive.  While every organization might need an "enforcer", it should not be the guild leader.
They must be outgoing and communicate activities clearly.  If he wants the guild to do WvW on Sundays, he needs to make it clear.

They must be a good judge of character in that they know when someone is toxic to the guild.  I've been in guilds/gaming communities where one immature outburst can drive people away; especially if that person has any kind of authority in the group.

They should be extremely knowledgable of the game aspects that guild will focus on.  A RP guild should have someone who's done some DM before, while a WvW focused leader should have a lot of ideas on how to best use manpower.

Lastly, they should know their weaknesses and limitations.  If the GL is on the East Coast of the US, he should find trustworthy officers on the West Coast to manage the later schedules.  Also if guild members want to engage in a game format they are not well-versed in, he should formally appoint someone to lead that activity (aka, "IM Elric if you are interested in joining our PvP Tournament Team")

#1456635 Buying/Building a PC? Check here First! (The Suggested builds thread)

Posted UnDeadFun on 18 May 2012 - 07:40 PM

View Postdansamy, on 17 May 2012 - 11:26 AM, said:

The AMD HD 6310 is integrated. If you can't afford anything more than a PC with integrated graphics, you need to look at the AMD APU (A4, A6 and A8) based PCs. Alternatively, you can build one:  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/8ofQ or http://pcpartpicker.com/p/8ogq

The first build utilizes an AMD A-series APU. The second changes to an LGA1155 socket Intel CPU. This option gives you an upgrade path for just a few dollars difference.

To buy a PC: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16883229306. The cheapest Newegg has an Intel-based system with a discrete graphics card, it already has the i5-2500k in it so, it's out of your budget. AvaDirect can build one though for about $150 more than you can build yourself. http://www.avadirect....asp?PRID=19538 (You'd have to go through and change the build with the aforementioned parts. The configuration doesn't save.)

Buyer Beware with Cyberpower computers, you will  either have a gem or a complete disaster. My friend and I both bought Cyberpower gaming computers at the same time. His was fine my was DOA, they replaced MB twice and later after warranty ran out, literally the day it went, the computer went south. I had a terrible experience and their customer service left a lot to be desired. Just do some research on cyberpower, and make sure you read the fine print on the warranty.