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Need a new GPU

28 November 2013 - 03:43 PM

I've been planning on getting a new GPU in mid January, but unfortunately my old GPU died on me last Friday in the middle of GW2. So now, I'm in a need of a new one, and I've been looking at this card:


I've got a budget of $270 and no loyalty to any particular brand. What other GPU's could you guys suggest at this price?

Prepare for major nerfs

21 June 2013 - 12:04 AM


Of course, these are unconfirmed changes at the time of this post, but it's still alarming nonetheless. Of course, I'll be putting emphasis on ranger updates, since this is a ranger sub-forum.

What would you change/add to Zhaitan's battle?

15 February 2013 - 02:13 AM

I (and many others) thought this particular boss battle was lacking something, like for example: a battle. Hop on ship, kill some trash and wait for mahlazor to fire, then pelt dragon with fireballs until dead. I've seen some crappy final battles, but this tops my personal chart in "worst boss battles". What would I add if money/time/permission/code weren't issues? A battle with phases:

1. Standard trash fight on ship.

2. Laser hits dragon and we pelt it with fireballs.

3. Zhaitan hops from tower to ship's deck; Destiny's Children Edge come up on deck with barrels filled with laser rifles/rocket launchers/flamethrowers. Pact forces join in with said weaponry and we're killing trash + fighting Zhaitan. After enough health has dropped, Zhaitan's weight causes the ship to split in two and fall from the sky.

4. After the crash, Zojja informs the PC that her buddies are unconscious but so is Zhaitan for the moment. She has her golem search through the wreckage to find something useful (this part's the intermission to the quest) and during the intermission, her golem finds 5 battlesuits (if one remembers this quest) and Zojja orders the golem to charge them and once fully charged, the PC's enter them, which ends the intermission.

5. Zhaitan wakes up as the PC's burst out of the wreckage, lasers blazing. Halfway through the fight, Zojja tells the PC that her crew have woken up, but Eir and Caithe are too badly injured to help themselves. Once Zhaitan's health drops to 20%, Zojja informs the PC that she's found and activated an emergency evac beacon within the wreckage. Zhaitan throws up a temporary barrier that makes it invincible and now sends waves of trash mobs with a champion or two in the mix, and the PC's are defending the ship from the trash. Once the evac chopper arrives, PC's escort Destiny's Edge to the chopper while holding back the trash mobs.

6. The chopper leaves, and the beacon is destroyed. Zhaitan lowers barrier and fight continues. Halfway through the fight (again), the battlesuits run out of juice, forcing the PC's to get out. Zojja informs PC via radio that the battlesuits have auxiliary power supplies that have just enough juice to act as beacons for artillery, and recommends the PC's to lure Zhaitan to each of the beacons. The artillery attacks make Zhaitan sluggish until enough of them knock it out. An evac chopper piloted by Trahearne (how he learned to fly, we'll never know) arrives and we hop on, and as we're leaving, orders any megalaser-equipped airships to blast it to hell. As the chopper flies away, lasers begin firing and nuking Zhaitan. (the blasts are so blinding we end in a fade to white).

Looking at my idea, no wonder all we see are points 1 and 2. Anyway, what would you guys change/add to the battle if you could?

What have you not attempted yet?

28 December 2012 - 01:11 AM

Basically, what I've yet to do:

- CoE explorable (no one wanting to do that)
- CoF explorable (can't be arsed to do it)
- Arah explorable (from what I've read, it's too hard, long and has a lousy effort/reward ratio)
- CM story (no one wants to do it, and for good reason)

- Warrior (too many of them exist, plus they get too favorable dev treatment)
- Ele (I hardly touch the F-keys. Like the warrior, too many exist)
- Necro (never liked the profession as a whole)

- 100% all maps
- Fully level a craft (due to how expensive they are, plus Reddit users make things worse each time someone puts up another guide)
- Make anything other than humans or norn females
- Buy cultural armor pieces

Anything anyone here hasn't tried yet

What to choose, what to play?

20 December 2012 - 04:42 AM

As I've been playing nothing but "support" classes (mesmer, engineer) and seeing nothing but nerf after nerf to anything that can get these professions to do a fraction of a warrior's untraited greatsword damage, even resorting to stomping on the mesmer's core mechanic if the PvP'ers howl long and loud enough (and I do play sPvP/WvW occasionally), I've had enough and I want to do some damage, enough to tag mobs and get loot in events that contain more than just me. My choices:

1 - Thief. Of course, thieves have been getting flak in WvW because of the culling issue and them being able to blink in and out of stealth and backstab someone to death and as a result have received several damage nerfs. Since I have a thief at level 39, I know that anything that isn't D/D and shortbow is absolutely crap and only useful in PvP, with P/D being the worst of the combos, in my opinion (this isn't an l2p issue, the pair just don't mesh very well). Caltrops is a beast of a utility skill that that allows me to bleed mobs dry while I either poison with the shortbow or death blossom all over the place to provide additional bleeding damage. Shadow Refuge and Blinding Powder are great skills to have as an emergency relief in case I'm fighting large mobs that shoot. Can't say much about venoms and traps, as those skills are far too situational to be of any use outside PvP/WvW. And aside from Dagger Storm (a skill I wish wasn't locked with a 50 skill-point requirement [unlocking both class elites beforehand, and then the 30 skill points the actual skill needs]), none of the profession-specific elites are of any real use and are very weak. Lost the motivation to keep using the thief a long time ago.

2 - Guardian. Yes, this class seems more support-oriented, but it's support is neither as finicky nor questionable as an engineer's, and I've an engineer at 80 (will post a pic as soon as I complete his armor). I've only played as a guardian in the beta until it got deleted after BWE2, but never did I feel useless anywhere, aside from range (seriously, they really need a longbow the same way a mesmer needs a third mainhand weapon). The sword and GS skills are quite decent and attacks fast enough for me to wanna keep them around. The hammer's #1 skill is slow as balls with crap skills after Mighty Blow (it, alongside a water/fire/ethereal field  = awsesomesauce). It's simple to make a shout/consecration/spirit weapon-based build and still feel like one can contribute to a dungeon crawl. Two problems: its elites and Sanctuary. The latter absolutely sucks with its short duration, tiny bubble, stability/AoE can get through and extremely long recharge), and none of the former felt like they were worth a damn. The shield seems to be only for looks because its skills' usefulness is questionable, while the focus seems to do the shield's job, but better.

3 - Elementalist. This, the warrior and necro are the only classes I've yet to play, in beta or now, and that's because the necro was never very interesting from the word "go" and that there are nowadays far too many of the former two (click on any random character and good chance they are either of these two). According to ANet's description they're supposed to be the queens of versatility (I say "queens" because most of the ele's I see are human females) and some other junk. I kinda like the conjure skills, with the ice bow really standing out above the rest (use that thing in AC path 2 or 3 and watch things die from the hail). I both like and hate the fact that they're the only class with access to lightning fields. I also like how an ele can drop a meteor shower on some battlements in WvW and cause a crowd of people to move to another spot, setting them up for another attack (which is usually me with a feedback bubble if I'm a mesmer). Don't have much to say about the ele, other than what I read on the forums.