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My super build for 5 gambit faceroll

09 August 2013 - 09:10 PM

Ok guys here is spec that i came up wth and faceroll 5 gambit mode (Subject 7) ending at 95%+ health at end without moving.
30 I  IX  XI
20 IV  IX

Food: Candied Dragon (66% chance to steal HP on crit)
Weapons: P/P
Skills: Bomb Kit, Rocket Turret, Thumper Turret, Supply Crate, Healing Turret

Gambits: all besides the quaggan

Gear: Armor is SOLDIER with Magic Find runes (yeah:P)
Accessories are +all stats like Ancient Karka Shell, Syzygy, Solaria etc. Doesn;t matter much

How to play:

Before it's your turn switch Bomb Kit to Flamethrower, use Toolbelt skill and switch back to Bomb Kit.

When game starts drop Rocket Turret and run towards Subject 7. On the way shoot Static Shot and Blowtorch. When you get to it drop Thumper Turret and Supply Drop.

Switch to Bomb Kit and use #2 #3 and #4 on cooldown and spam #1 otherwise.

Heal with turret -> waterblast when needed.

Gz you just did Gambit 5 Subject 7 by facerolling.

Have a good day. I hope you like the method I came up with :) Easy and SUPER efficient.

Like this post if it worked for you :)

PS optionally you can switch thumper to elixir gun for super elixir safe valve if for some reason you need it.

Flame Blast burst > 100Blades

26 February 2013 - 11:35 PM

Well, just thought i will drop it here for lolz but:

if you do not detonate Flame Blast manually, the automatic blast will actually hit twice.

So you can have like 800 dmg non crit from passing ball + 2x2000 dmg from blast. I had total 12k crits from it. Lower cd, faster to use, ranged :)

Enjoy our "100 Blasts" while it lasts. I smell quick hotfix coming because this is a bug :)

Sigils; Earth vs Strength

20 November 2012 - 12:59 PM

Droping this here but Strength > Earth for condi build with p/p + bombs and even p/s + bombs

Reason? Earth has 5s internal CD and works only on single target.

Strength has no internal CD, with rabid amulet you crit a lot, you do a lot of aoe and you get 3+ stacks of might easily. So 35-105 power/condi dmg easily. More, most of your attacks are AoE in some form so due to that you quickly catch up and exceed dmg lost by switching earth. Throw in the fact that confusion and burn get huge boost from it and it's kinda obvious Strength > Earth.

Play with it and love it. Strength + corruption on p/p is kinda sweet :)

EDIT: As of 14th Dec this is no longer viable. SoS got ninja nerf and received 10s Internal CD. Before it had none. That and the fact that on weap swap sigils are now viable!


EDIT 2 One of my personal favorites is now Superior Battle. 9 stacks of might doable without any traits or +boon dur really. Geomancy and Hydromancy are also great especially for condi/bomb kit specs. Combined with enhanced performance and HGH 20+ stacks are easy to keep up.

This patch is joke for engie

16 November 2012 - 06:52 AM

So more big nerfs came yet zero buffs pretty much. Useless kits are still useless and good skills got worse.

Sorry anet but this is knee jerk. First fix the stuff that is crap and underpowered then nerf other stuff. Not opposite.

Also rocket turret still has radius displayed while it does not do aoe damage, not even on overcharge.

crap patch for engie

pro Engineer(Guardian too) LF very good team/players

08 November 2012 - 01:25 PM

Playing Engineer and Guardian at high level. In-game name Akarn Kell (engineer) and The Heldenhammer (guardian). I'm from Infinita Virtus but looking for highly skilled players to play tPvP with.

146 tournaments played (including paids too)
124 wins
85% win ratio
(almost 800 games total)

528h /age on engineer
697h /age total
Age 26
Playing MMOs since 1997

Looking for EU based team/players.

I'm from Poland but can speak English np.

Feel free to whisp Killyox.3950