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Manticore: Casual PvX guild

29 July 2012 - 02:31 AM

Auxilium is a new Friendly, Social and Active guild that Strives to be a Force in the Community.
We are looking for people of any experience level who want to play the game to have fun. We encourage our players to work together to achieve greater results.

We do have a Mumble and Teamspeak3 servers for those who like to chat.

We will be Running Dungeons, Exploring Tyria, Hunting down fearsome creatures, participate in SPvP, defending our world in the Mists and running Events of our own..

We encourage anyone who likes to have fun to apply. We do not have an Age restriction but expect our members to act responsibly.

Please Visit: http://www.Auxilium.shivtr.com/ to apply,

We look forward to seeing you on Crystal Desert in game.

We have changed our guild name to provide a more family friendly environment.