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Conjure Flame Axe Skin?

22 November 2012 - 01:11 PM

Not sure if this has been asked, but does this weapon skin exist for use outside of an ele skill bar? So far we've seen Volcanus (fiery GS), Mjolnir (lightning hammer), and the ice bow skin. I'm guessing if those skins/recipes exist, then there must be something for the axe as well.

I've tried a combo of molten lodestone, ori axe head, Eldritch scroll and coins. Doesn't look like they add up and are used to craft other items. Maybe it uses Liquid Flame in its recipe, though that's not something I can test since I've only got one lodestone.

Anyone have any sorting leads?

Damage vs. "Enemy - Does It Stack?

22 November 2012 - 12:59 PM

Hey there, I was looking around for threads on the site but couldn't find any. Also, the wiki doesn't seem to address questions regarding these types of sigils. Anyways, my question is do sigils and potions "of creature slaying" stack together when equipped or consumed simultaneously? For example:  

- Main & off-hand: 2 sigils of Outlaw slaying (20% dmg vs. Bandits)
- Potion of outlaw slaying (10% dmg vs. Bandits)

Would this total add up to a 30% bonus against Bandits? Is only one sigil recognized, giving only a 20% increase? Or is it something stranger where only a certain percentage is recognized after 10%, and the total will only go as high as 15% (someone mentioned this in a dungeon)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Server Lists?

01 August 2012 - 06:23 PM

Hey there guys. I'm not sure if it's already been asked or answered (I couldn't find any related threads), but have they provided the full list of servers that will be available at launch? I'm just curious since my brother and some friends are looking to join the same world, yet haven't decided on what world to choose. Just want to make sure we get it figured out beforehand instead of having to deal with the server transfer later.