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How do you map your controls?

01 October 2012 - 11:34 AM

During the last month I switched my keys quite a few times and I still can't say I'm totally happy with the result. So i decided to share my control map as a subject to criticism and suggestions. And I'm kind of interested what other people use as well.

Here's my config:


  • ESDF - movement
  • AQWRT - weapon skills
  • G - interact
  • X - target call key
  • 1234 - profession skills
  • V - select closest enemy


(Razer Naga Hex- I'm not that happy with it tbh but it's not the case here):

  • 6 side buttons - utilily skills including heal and elite (1 is free atm)
  • mouse wheel press - weapon swap
  • 1 of the keys near the wheel - holster/draw weapon