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23 December 2013 - 06:57 PM

With the Official forums banning matchup threads it's about to get very crowded and noisy here.

New Matchup System

24 May 2013 - 11:00 PM


How in the blue blazing heck is this not going to create a system that creates a complete blowout, in EVERY MATCH, EVERY WEEK!?


What is so hard about a system where the winner moves up, and the loser moves down?

Is it that hard to comprehend?!

New Content (the current model vs. traditional)

23 May 2013 - 06:15 PM

Now that we've reached the point where the game is more or less functional greater than 95% of the time; we have to look at how/when/if additional content is being distributed.

What we currently have is small "installments" of expanded content that is being distributed monthly.  These typically involve some new scenery, events, an instance or two; and an exotic goody or two for your time and trouble.

However, when you look past the yearly events (Halloween and Wintersday will be ongoing and repeated variations on what we have seen already), everything has centered around an aquatic themed lvl 80 area with giant crabs.

Yes, Flame and Frost was technically in low-level areas; but that was all just prelude for the dungeon and the continuing Southsun Saga.

To get to the point, is this better than the larger expansion strategy of GW1?

GW1 saw 1 mini expansion like we had with Southsun (though work on Southsun was clearly done pre-launch) at 6 months then an expansion at ~ the 1 year mark; and 2 more large expansions over the course of the proceeding 16 months.  Followed by 2 mini-expansions (more on the nature of the Flame and Frost) that started in 2009-2010.

Now, I know from asking an ANET member directly, that the F&F, Southsun,etc stuff was all planned before launch and was to be distributed in this manner.

HOWEVER, the focus on these little soap operas has led to little to few permanent changes in the game (Sonic periscopes now knock me down all over Ascalon...I'm tickled pink) and little value to the game or for the player.

WvW updates have been few and slipshod.  PvP has gotten a couple of newer maps; but still lags behind the expectations set before launch.

Without the announcement of any large expansions, we're left to assume such expansions will be rare, and small in scale since both ANet and NCSoft will have trouble justifying that much work without a noticeable return on investment (even a $10 DLC add-on would justify a great deal of quality work).

I'm hoping that after this Canach event goes away, that we'll be done with Southsun for a while and we might see some other areas open up.  The former D'Alessio Seaboard seems a ripe place for new content, not to mention the other traditional areas deep Maguuma (with Majesty's Rest and the Falls) Far Shiverpeaks, Charr Homelands, Deldrimor Front, Crystal Desert, and the Ring of Fire.

TL;DR The question is, do you think these parcelled out mini-expansions are bringing any value to your gameplay experience; or would you prefer the traditional model of large expansions every 9-12 months?  Keeping in mind that we'd just be now seeing the first expansion now.

Warhorn or Shield?

09 April 2013 - 08:57 PM

Just a quick poll of WvW warriors out there.  When you get too deep into a zerg ball, or are just getting 3 vs 1 and want to bug out; do you go with a warhorn or a shield?

I usually go with a hammer as my main so I'm leaning warhorn; but I appreciate all opinions.

T4 WvW: SoS, SBI, and CD

05 April 2013 - 09:30 PM

Thought against creating a thread and realize I might as well for the heckuvit.
Have fun!