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#1525377 Changes in gw2 that dont make sense... chat, party, movement...

Posted Vann Borakul on 16 June 2012 - 06:17 PM

View PostToby_from_Midgard, on 15 June 2012 - 12:32 PM, said:

I said it was only inferior if you used purely click-to-move. It's still a valuable complementary tool

"Click to move works in GW1 because melees are auto following"
good melee players do not rely on auto-follow at all
they're constantly clicking around the enemy between attacks to bodyblock them and to get in position so they can still attack them even after they start running in a predicted direction

so, sorry, but there's zero necessity to use "bot" movement unless you're moving into casting range for a target, in which case the auto-cast is just good design in that game since every millisecond matters a lot more than other MMOs.

View PostUVShockwave, on 15 June 2012 - 08:23 PM, said:

I've played some click to move mmos, including GW1 ( not extensively) but how on earth was it superior to WASD in pvp? I'm not doubting you.. I'd just like to know :)

1) You instantly begin traveling in the quickest trajectory to target location

2) Click-to-move is server-side rather than client-side. This means you would arrive at a destination faster than if you used WASD to get there, and you are no longer prone to rubber-banding, since with WASD you start moving on your screen before the server knows you are moving. This is important when bodyblocking others, since there is a buffer that causes the server to input the movement command immediately after your attack completes

3) It's the only way to move in any direction at full speed. This means you can move backwards at full speed to kite an enemy, and you can rapidly move left or right to dodge projectiles

4) Leaves your left hand more open to skill activations

this is just what immediately comes to mind
thanks for seeking knowledge!

View PostGilles VI, on 15 June 2012 - 08:30 AM, said:

Click-to-move was only good in GW1 PvP to abuse game mechanics, nothing else.

View PostRavers, on 15 June 2012 - 11:08 AM, said:

If they were to implement click-to-move in GW2, I know I would not use it. During all the years of playing GW1, I had it turned off because I got so annoyed when my character started running whenever I clicked somewhere. Like when I play in windowed mode and opened up another window, then when clicking back to the game, my character would start running. Too annoying.
I think I have more control with WASD. I can move, turn, start and stop quickly by just pressing a key and not having to click around on the ground.
you could have right-clicked into the game instead
If you mean to say that you think you had more control in gw1 with pure WASD, sorry, you need to at least mix the two to achieve optimal control.

View PostIllein, on 15 June 2012 - 10:09 AM, said:

I will be completely honest with all of you who enjoy click-to-move and want it in the game as an option.

I'll be a selfish prick and hope they won't add it. Because it takes up time and it's about as futile as a horse-track on a highway. Yeah, some people might enjoy that, but it's definitely not worth their effort to make it.

Completely biased opinion, mind you.
I'm pretty sure it's already implemented in the engine and they just disabled it after testing with it

View PostSinte, on 15 June 2012 - 09:47 AM, said:

Never played guild wars 1. But the reason people hate click to move, just like keyboard turning, is because it is slower,sluggish and unreliable in CURRENT mmo's , which is most of theirs (and mine) experience. Personally I don't even see why anyone would ever WANT to click to move instead of using at LEAST wsad (I prefer strafing + mouse control). In guild wars 2, as it is right now, click to move would be a crutch, and I wouldn't want anyone on my tournament team with it because they would be gibbing themselves for no apparent reason.

P.S I don't see ANY developer ever going back to click-to-move. It is a primitive way of control, simple as that. ESPECIALLY in pvp. Hate on me all you want, deep down you know its true. Take off your rose-tinted glasses. A strafing player will have a HUGE advantage on a click to mover.

I guess I'll quote myself:

"You are handicapped in GW2 if you primarily use click-to-move as movement. However, it would be advantageous to have it as an option in certain circumstances, as it can eliminate small windows where you cannot use skills and change your movement at the same time."

It's not a primitive means of control. It's a conditional means of control that depends upon how skills work for how well it will work.

#1525990 Which Race Do You Dislike?

Posted Imaginos on 16 June 2012 - 11:37 PM


No good mangy, carnivorous, warmonger, wannabe asurans. The only good charr is a dead charr. A Charrs best attribute is when they're made into a fur rug for your fireplace. ArenaNet's attempt to George RR Martin the charr (rewrite a nasty person/race into someone likeable) is wasted effort, just like Martin failed big time.

It made me sad in the pants that we couldn't commit genocide on the charr and bring the Ascaloinan ghosts back to life in gw2.

Asurans can be annoying with their bookah insults but at least you can live with them....besides a good smack upside their nappy little heads keeps them in line.

View PostSelaris, on 16 June 2012 - 11:29 PM, said:

You know when I started playing Norn I thought this will be great! An awesome woman-she-warrior with all the power and cunning of Boudica. Instead what you get is a busty babesque viking lady that sort of still has to deal with he-man chauvenistic idiots that moan about booze and killing animals all the time. Not only that, but there was so much killing of innocent animals... I wanted to call the SPCA. It was a tad bit uncomfortable. I'd like to see a Norn stand up for some principles and get shunned for not killing an animal... and then fall in love with an Asura.

I'm not entirely sold on an Asura, but gawd they sure do look sooo cute. ^_^
Charr are also too food centric... and here I thought they had brains!

That...that's a recipe for a disaster of nightmarish proportions. First time they'd try to be intimate and, well, it's not a pretty picture.

#1429214 Cash Shop Affecting Good Game Design

Posted Arshay Duskbrow on 10 May 2012 - 04:59 AM


All it proves is that people like to complain...

...silly mistake...


Thank you for proving my point about your inability to view someone with a differing opinion as anything but a whining irrational fool. Also:


it seems you ... hate the thought of spending money to get OPTIONAL items...

Your account is authorized to play the following Guild Wars Releases:
  • Guild Wars Prophecies
  • Guild Wars Factions
  • Guild Wars Nightfall
  • Guild Wars Eye of the North
You have added the following extra features to your account:
  • Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition ($20)
  • 3 additional character slots ($30)
  • Guild Wars Prophecies: PvP Edition ($40)
  • Guild Wars Nightfall: PvP Edition ($40)
  • 10 Makeover Packs ($100)
  • Limited Edition Wintersday Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition War in Kryta Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition Halloween 2010 Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition Wintersday 2010 Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition Wedding Party Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition Winds of Change Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition Halloween 2011 Costume Pack ($10)
  • Limited Edition Wintersday 2011 Costume Pack ($10)
  • 1 Mercenary Hero Three Pack ($20)
[Total of completely OPTIONAL content I purchased in GW1: $330]

Better try again. My history of purchasing optional features speaks for itself, and I don't begrudge a single one of those purchases, because without exception, they were investments in my account as a whole. Every one of my ten characters has benefited from the additions I paid for, whether they were created before or after the fact.

If they allow me to do that in GW2 in the same way, they can sit back and watch my money flow in. However, if they fail to do that by continuing with the focus on transient, single-instance, disposable per-character merchandise, that system of investment will be lost - and with it, my willingness to spend.

In short, *I* am the customer ArenaNet needs to cater to most.

#1429074 Cash Shop Affecting Good Game Design

Posted Geikamir on 10 May 2012 - 03:34 AM

View PostTimid, on 10 May 2012 - 03:17 AM, said:

Right, but I think the issue is that you're not really making a good argument (at least in my opinion) for why they are detrimental. In the case of blood diamonds, murder is a pretty easy sell. This isn't quite so clear cut and you are muddying the waters by accusing ANet of lying. If the issue is that XP/Karma boosts represent a clear and present danger to balance, then make that case and leave the other stuff out. Also, it doesn't help to get frustrated with your audience when they don't immediately agree with you.

Well the main issue I have with XP is that they said they wouldn't have gameplay affecting items. That's the least of the issues I have.

The Karma booster is aiding in the selling of prestige. In a game where the 'end-game' content is prestige, doing this is like a slap in the face of the people that worked hard the none-cheating way to acquire the stuff.

My biggest gripes are with the selling gold for cash/selling loot and craft boosters and the sacrificing of game designs purely to facilitate higher revenue.

Selling gold is bad for the same reason that RMT'er are bad (mostly). It allows players to use an outside currency to buy in-game wealth in a game which inflates the economy and cheapens the experience for everyone else. Allowing players to buy gold directly from the company doesn't only allow the practice, but it encourages it with no worry of any repercussion. With a system that makes it more accessible will only make the unfair wealth redistribution even more noticeable than ever. This is also selling prestige, since rare items and wealth in a MMO are often times signs of power/skill/devotion (whether the first two are true or not, that's still the inherent connotation). With the addition of loot and craft boosters you are allowing players to excel at obtaining valuable items easier and more efficiently than others. Making it MUCH harder for those other players to obtain the same items because of the way economies work, even when devoting the same amount of time and/or energy. This is not fair and not fun for anyone but the people that have the advantage.

With sacrificing game designs to increase profit we have things like the repair system, dye system, trait system, cramped storage, and who knows what else. Road blocks that aren't fun are put up only to provide a way for a player to buy them down. There is nothing fun about waiting for 24 hours for a color to grow, especially when there are over 400 to eventually get (per character, not account-wide like we were told). There's nothing fun about running out of storage space before level 10, even when selling almost everything you get. They said themselves that dying in itself isn't fun and that they, as a company, should not make the process worse. Yet they did, unless you want to give some extra cash to get the old "fun" way back. And with the purchase of the golem butler you can even respec your traits anywhere. You can pay cash for a service that you previously got for free.

View PostTrei, on 10 May 2012 - 03:22 AM, said:

I think I get your general message here.
But, there's this other thing I am failing to comprehend.

To you, Anet (or with NCsoft) is the liar here.
You obviously have a problem with that.
Why are you still showing basic support, for a company that you feel lied to you, by still purchasing their product?

"Liar" is not a trifle accusation when used in serious contexts.
Nothing that infringes on Trust is trivial, at least to me.

If that same gem retailer knowingly sold you a blood diamond after telling you it wasn't one, would you still buy anything else from him if you found out? Emeralds? Cat's eye?
No such thing as "blood" cat's eye so it should be okay to you then?

I support the other design principles that GW2 is proposing. Greatly. It's a huge step forward for the MMO genre and there is no other game that I feel even close to that way about. If I didn't care about the game, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't care enough to have spent the last few years of my life absorbing any and all GW2 knowledge that I could. That's what I am supporting with my $60. I will also support cash shop items that I think are legitimately fair ways to generate revenue, based on my principles and what I was told about the game for years.

#1395066 Click to Move

Posted Jaen on 01 May 2012 - 02:00 AM

No click to move = no Chiizu dance = sadPanda