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Necros in dungeons.

03 September 2012 - 11:55 AM


Before i go on i would like to say that i just wanna know what other players think about the stat of necros atm(in dungeons) and to find out if players have found good use of necros.

I have played necro since the first bwe and have now made almost all the dungeons( not 80 yet :P) and finished some explo modes. I have tried many spec and non of them seems really good.
So i tried to come up with a spec that would be useful in dungeons. Since necros dont have that much burst and the conditions dont burn down enemies down as fast i would want and i couldnt help my teammate enought i tried to make a hybrid build to have alittle of everything. The good thing about necros is that we can survive for a long time, but whats the point of being alive when all the other 4 players are dead.

So finally i went for a support/aoe well condition build. Ill try to explane why i chose the traits and utiltis.

The point of the build is to have supportive capability, raw damage and the chance to make combos with wells and the bleed/poison damage from wells and spells. Gurdians and engineers seems to have much more and better supportive powers, elementalist a much better aoe and warriors, rangers and thieves a better burst(Sorry mesmers dont really know what u can do the best). So i try to work with what i have.

Power/con duration for more damage to bad guys. In explo mode players will be sometime up against 20 mobs at one and 5 of them are elites. My group has always tried to kill them with lots of AOE.

Spitful Spirit: Retaliation is really good since i need to run around between mobs to heal my allies in death shroud(with Transfusion trait).

Chill of Death: The slo effect give your allies a chance to run away or you a chance to but down new marks or wells.

Death into life: More raw damage means more healing, no brainer.

More critical hits means more damage and more bleeding + higher bleeding duration makes the damage even bigger.

Hemophilia : Hemophilia for higher bleed duration. More overtime damage.
Chilling Darkness: For more AOE slow. Very useful when pulling lots of enemies. Note: One of the wells should be turned into Well of Darknessi recommend Well of Power because usually everyone tries to keep there distance when you are pulling alot of enemies therefor players shouldnt get conditions on them.

Focused Rituals: Really useful trait for this build. Keeps a necro far from harm and makes this build come alive.

Death Magic:

Staff Mastery: Lets a necro make more combos and keep the conditions on enemies and health regen on allies.

Blood Magic:
More healing to help allies and more health to keep a necro alive.

Transfusion: Helps a necro to heal allies.

Ritual Mastery: Once again more combos, more damage and more support.

If possible i try to own 2 sets of gear. One that has healing power/power/toughness and the other that has condition damage/power/precision.

Its more useful to get more condition damage over condition duration since it better to kill the enemies faster.

So let me know what you think about this build and also what other builds you have found to be useful. Ofc im open for ideas on what to change or how to make this build better.

About Story Mode Dungeon.

28 August 2012 - 01:09 PM


I did Ascalon Catacombs Story Mode yesterday we killed all the bosses and got the rewards(Random items from chests, XP for events and the pointless item from the end.

I would like to know if these rewards are 1 time only or will i be rewarded every time i finish the storymode dungeon.

Joining a friends personal storyline quest

22 August 2012 - 06:08 AM


So as i understand one player can join another player's personal storyline quest. But can someone please explane how it really works?

Do you both/all have to be the same race,same creation choices and at the same point of the storyline?

And how can i join someones storyline.

I was playing with my friend yesterday in the Stress test and we both made charr,same choices and were at the same storyline quest , since we started together. But we couldnt join each others personal storyline quest.