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GW2 Roleplay Wiki

02 November 2011 - 03:03 PM

I'm spreading the word about a roleplay community initiative started and owned by amidwx, because the seeds of something great are right here, and all it needs is more enthusiastic contributors and users!

The Guild Wars 2 Roleplay Wiki is not affiliated with any particular sub-community or forum, making it a great neutral ground for the roleplaying community to gather and share their characters, stories and publicise their events.

Some things you can do in the wiki:
  • List your intended roleplay guilds, or find one to join
  • Share your characters, writing, art and other creative works
  • Post your planned roleplay events, or find one to join
  • Search for characters by profession or race and find the perfect roleplaying buddies
  • Keep up with and contribute roleplay-relevant news
  • Learn about roleplaying and contribute new guides to help get the curious and the newcomers started!

If you're interested in getting involved and helping us turn this wiki into a great shared resource for the budding GW2 roleplaying community, there's no need to ask permission. Get right on in there and start contributing! But if you need a few steps to help you get started, the following should help:

I look forward to seeing your contributions :) Any questions at all, just ask!