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Fort Trinity Point of Interest

03 October 2012 - 10:58 PM

I have 98% of the Straits of Devastation map completion.  All that remains is one little point of interest inside of Fort Trinity.  I asked in general chat, and players in the zone told me that they got it through the personal story.  The particular mission is a level 71, and I have left my personal story back at level 47 missions.

The specific point of interest is located just a bit southwest of the Fort Trinity Waypoint.  My question; is there any means to access it other than through the personal story?  I just want to get the map out of the way since I'm so close.  I could just grind out the story, but that will take some time.

[Answered] Am I using Fine Transmutation Stones incorrectly?

03 October 2012 - 07:53 PM

I earned a small bundle of fine transmutation stones through a Black Lion Chest.  I'm trying to use one on an Orrian greatsword (level 76 I think) for my guardian.  I have a level 80 rare greatsword with stats I want to keep.  I can open the transmutation menu and I place both swords in and pick the aspects of both that I want to keep.  The button at the bottom lights up and says "Good Item Transmutation". However, when I click the button, the menu closes, and nothing happens.  I don't lose the stone, I don't lose either of the swords, nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?  Are they just bugged?  Do they only work with two level 80 items (the description says for all items)?