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In Topic: Echos of the Past Patch Notes

05 November 2014 - 09:50 AM

[quote name='kalendraf' timestamp='1415133964' post='2342048']
Haven't had a chance to play the new content yet, but I saw the new armors on Dulfy, and I don't like them.  Some people may find the butterfly wing motif cool, but I'm not one of them.  Also, the overall designs still seem to be too much in the long skirt / trenchcoat style, so ANet apparently thinks we still don't have enough of those yet.

I am just extremely happy that this armor is not in the gemstore and that we finally have been given an armor set that we can get that is not Ascended. I am taking this as a step forward and I am hoping this means we will see more of this coming. It's exciting to be able to get things by playing, being rewarded etc.

They always seem to never understand that their rewards are really shit, and well, who the f wants green sigils btw, from completing a story instance. I'm a little puzzled by that.

But I am happy that this armor set, despite that I find the medium one extremely chaotic and ugly, is available not through the gemstore but through playing.

In Topic: Rate the Last Movie You Saw!

20 October 2014 - 03:37 PM

Deliver us from Evil.
+ Main male has great hair and very nice cheekbones.
+ Supportive white male actor is really sexy I prefer white men and I must make this a point(it's very important).
+ The priest is very attractive I like his hair and body, very nice, very manly.
- No male nudity????? UGH my life is over this is what I live for.
1/10 i don't like these kind of movies but I'm gonna review them anyway even tho it's exactly what the movie claim to be but hello this is not what i wanna see?????

Sorry not sorry.

Seriously thought, it was a great movie. I thought it was great because it was different. I was expecting to see some kind of woman flashing her genitals and screaming "do the jiggy with me", you know? I was pleasantly surprised, it was different, a bit spooky but not too over the top.

In Topic: What Are You Currently Listening To, Part I

20 October 2014 - 09:43 AM

Chrome Sparks- Send The Pain On


Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court


Hah, seems the youtube player doesn't work for my links :)

In Topic: Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

20 October 2014 - 09:38 AM

View Postdavadude, on 19 October 2014 - 09:54 AM, said:

There is plenty to talk about.  Guru lost that part of the population when this place became the gem store conspiracy hub.  All those people, including myself, migrated to the reddit.  You'll find those posts there.

Uh. I think it has less to do with "conspiracy" and more to do with that Guru was a place for people from GWGuru, and that they found the game sucked and are no longer interested? I remember when the Beta was up, I saw a ton of people I'd seen on GWGuru. Or did they migrate to reddit as well?

In Topic: Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

18 October 2014 - 09:44 PM

What I miss seeing is things like "show us your collections", "show us your titles", "funniest thing someone said in game", "how's the game treating you today?". You know, all those fun little threads people used to post regularly in. There's nothing to talk about when there's nothing that's fun, exciting, mystical, etc. I don't know, I just don't think GW2 is a lot to talk about.