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#2367357 What is going on with GW2?

Posted Kattar on 23 July 2016 - 04:26 PM

View PostAge, on 22 July 2016 - 11:42 PM, said:

There is only so much you can do with this game it can't go beyond what it is.
I'm sorry, what?

#2360207 The Druid; ranger is dead to me.

Posted Corsair on 09 October 2015 - 08:35 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 28 September 2015 - 08:43 PM, said:

Well, I have to say that you remember pets pretty differently than myself from GW. I hate leveling things so getting a new pet and getting it to 20, with the correct modifier, was a huge pain in the ass. Also plagued by bad AI, a large skill bar/attribute investment, bad slot/attack animations, and a few other issues. And with interruption basically being a much less central mechanic in GW2, the ability for your pet to chill, poison, or fear at your command is useful.

Could it be improved? Hell yes, I've never been a fan of pets in most games since I will always have the AI doing things I don't want. Is it worse than GW? I don't think so. The Druid works just fine for the ranger in GW2 and helps them fill a role they were unable to do before.

#2359721 The Druid; ranger is dead to me.

Posted Feathermoore on 28 September 2015 - 01:31 PM

You have to remember that the GW2 Druid is based off of the Tyrian Druid. Even with that said, the druids that we are familiar with outside of the game were famous for their astronomy and the moon/stars played pivotal roles in their development and beliefs. It is this idea that ANet seems to be playing with.

The Druids of GW2 were all about restoration and preservation of the immortal self (and the Maguuma). There can be no regrowth without destruction or destruction without regrowth and stuff like that. They used the waters of the Maguuma to perform healing rituals and shed their mortal forms in order to become closer to nature by becoming spirits. The skills play with the idea of balancing regrowth and destruction as a single entity.

So ANet has decided to tweak that background a bit (it seems) and liken/equal it to the original Weh No Su of Cantha with Celestial Forms. Which actually makes sense. The Celestial Forms are supposed to be the spiritual essence of the stars while the Druid spirit is supposed to be the spiritual essence of the original Druids who believed that the flesh was an illusion that detracts from the self. GW Druids are literally all about abandoning the self.

The theme makes sense when you take Tyria's history into consideration and still ties in to the real world druid mystic. No, it is not the stereotypical Druid from RPGs, but that is ANet's cup of tea after all. GW2's Druid seems to be much closer in theme to "real" druids than the standard Druid from other games ever was.

Personally? It absolutely screams Druid at me. The moon, sun, and stars are just as much nature as plants are. If you were to ask me to describe a Druid in a video game I would have gone with two options. A class that can shape shift as multiple animals, or a healer with a nature motif. Got there.

#2359724 F2P

Posted Feathermoore on 28 September 2015 - 01:37 PM

View PostJemFayCrystal, on 26 September 2015 - 04:21 PM, said:

I agree in part but what I find happens is a misunderstanding with the label phrase FREE TO PLAY when actually you mean TRIAL ACCOUNT.  Because if it was truly f2p there would be NO restrictions.  It is not that I am mad at Anet for offering a trial or any game corp that lets people in their game without paying one cent.  It is the wording that misleads.  You are not going to buy a game if you don't get to try ALL of the game.

I would not be playing GW2 myself if it was not for EotM and SW.  SW is avail for f2p but if I understand right all WvW is not.  So if I was a f2p'er checking out GW2 for the first time I would have walked and not bought.

So it's a TRIAL not really a f2p.

WvW is unlocked once you have a level 60 character as a free account. The only restrictions on gameplay for the free accounts are a few "must reach this level" restrictions and a lack of Heart of Thorns content.

It truly is F2P. The restrictions that are there are there to prevent abuse, not to restrict play-ability and they revolve almost entirely around trading and chatting. They are unfortunate necessities in this age of bots and spammers.

#2355742 Will you play again?

Posted I post stuff on 14 May 2015 - 09:33 PM

It's stupid to mention background if you don't want to be asked about your credentials. People won't automatically beleive you, especially on the internet.

#2355730 Will you play again?

Posted Arkham Creed on 14 May 2015 - 06:09 PM

View Postraspberry jam, on 14 May 2015 - 05:48 PM, said:

Are you seriously asking for credentials on the internet?

Well I believe you of course. I myself am a member of a federal law enforcement agency working in their cyber terrorism branch. And that is absolutely true and you should totally believe me. I am in no way just saying that in a pathetic attempt to add credibility to an otherwise questionable post.

#2356895 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted Mordakai on 18 June 2015 - 07:32 PM

Bah to those who say that Anet "deserves" my money.

GW2 in it's present state should be Free.  The gemstore is full of ways for Anet to make money.

Whether the expansion is worth $50 or not remains to be seen.  It could be a positive new direction, or just more of the same.

#2356880 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted Phineas Poe on 18 June 2015 - 06:21 PM

View PostSatenia, on 17 June 2015 - 02:59 PM, said:

Personally, I don't see the HoT expansion as a static thing. On the contrary, I expect the content to grow along the lines of how the core game did with the living story and all the other improvements they added in the following months and years. As such, what they announce to be in at launch is somewhat secondary to me. In my opinion, they did a fine job these past three years overall, that is reason enough to warrant my pre-order.

This is very true and a good point. Buying Heart of Thorns doesn't just get you expansion content on launch but also is an insurance for content access down the road.

My concern primarily stems from the quality of the content and not its quantity, though. I could attach X amount of dollar for Y amount of content hours and be suited with that, but this logic breaks down when you consider that certain games are a more enjoyable experience than others. I can pick up Mass Effect 1 for five dollars, burn through it in eight to ten hours. and have a fabulous time with it. I could also buy a deck of cards and have limitless hours of "content" available to me. I'm still going to have more fun playing a video game than I will a card game, so I'll always opt for the video game even if it ends up costing me more money down the road.

The concern with the expansion shouldn't be about its price or even what the content is being offered with it, but the quality of the content that's being included. Stronghold, in all due respect to ArenaNet, is a complete ♥♥♥♥ing mess. It's just not done. And let's be realistic here ... they've only created one good PvP map for Conquest since the game came out: Temple. They have spent years balancing and rebalancing the game only to continue to fail to find a happy medium between condition and power builds, between bunker and burst builds. They let the Celestial meta crumble build diversity over the past year and let turrets---a low skill floor build---dominate matchmaking play during a reward-based month-long tournament. They've tweaked, retweaked, and tweaked again their matchmaking algorithm and leaderboard systems, and they have resulted in only creating less accurate, more volatile, and less entertaining match-ups. They eliminated solo queue entirely, shoved Skyhammer into the unranked map rotation, and still haven't given Courtyard its own queue despite constant requests by the PvP community.

And it's not like the PvE really fared all that much better over the past few years. I mean yes, we've gotten a lot of updates, but these are just shaky paint jobs over rusted foundations. The Living Story Season 1 had its share of good content, but it also had a lot of bad. We accepted this because it was free, but then ArenaNet started charging incoming players for Season 2 content, and is now pay-walling future content in the form of the expansion.

They simply haven't got the track record to have my trust that PvP will ever become a competitive space, or that PvE will ever challenge me as a player, and they've shown so little of the expansion on top it to disprove my concerns. They've had three years to do it, and they've gotten no where in anything: PvE, PvP, or WvW. People are still grinding CoF for gold and still voting en masse for Legacy of the Foefire over anything else they've added since launch; if that doesn't explain the quality of post-launch content in Guild Wars 2 I don't know what does.

Guild Wars 2 also doesn't exist in a vacuum, and it's important to establish that there are other MMOs that will exist and future RPGs down the road in general. Crowfall and Star Citizen continue to march along in their development, and FFXIV continues to churn out new content on a regular basis that is actually turning heads.

And so I am finding myself at an impasse: do I take a leap of faith and pay $50 for an expansion that might as well be a metal bucket on a sinking ship? Or should I count my blessings that I had as much fun as I did in this game, as long as I did, and made all the friends I did, and move on to greener pastures?

Like everyone else I am in wait-and-see mode, but ArenaNet's vow of silence on what constitutes "challenging group content" leaves me unconvinced that they'll ever get their ducks in a row. If they had something to show, they would have shown it already--just as they did with Stronghold.

#2356691 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted Tellia on 17 June 2015 - 03:28 AM

from what we've seen and heard of this expansion there is nowhere near $50 worth of content. they are kidding, right?

#2356799 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted typographie on 17 June 2015 - 06:57 PM

View Postjustinco, on 17 June 2015 - 05:27 PM, said:

When was the last time ANet charged for anything that was not voluntary (gems)? Almost 3 years ago when the original game launched?

I'll gladly pay a measly $50 bux for this expansion and continue to play off an on for a couple more years. You would rack up $50 in a few months of any subscription MMO...jeez. Amazed by all the crying over the price...

I can only speak for myself, but I think the $49.99 price tag itself is beside the point. The fact that it includes a copy of the base game—which I already own and paid full price for—makes me rather apprehensive about exactly what this product is. I don't need to pick up Guild Wars 2 Complete Edition, I just need the expansion. Based on this the expansion itself is valued at $29.99–$39.99, which is about what most would expect. There's an inevitable perception that they're charging me twice for the same product.

I'm aware of the cost comparison between Guild Wars 2 and a subscription MMO. GW2 is not that sort of game, it doesn't offer the same experience those games offer, and those games aren't forcing me to re-purchase their base product to get their expansions.

(Later Edit: Meh, in retrospect I realize more and more that I'm making a very dumb argument here. If the expansion is $50, so be it, but it's too early to tell if the content is going to justify that. Pre-ordering would be kind of insane, especially with so much still unrevealed.)

#2355958 How about a little nostalgia? (IMAGE HEAVY)

Posted Age on 20 May 2015 - 02:06 AM

What to get notalgic.

Posted Image

#2355340 Will you play again?

Posted Datenshi92 on 07 May 2015 - 04:11 AM

View PostArkham Creed, on 07 May 2015 - 12:36 AM, said:

Based on the whole manifesto drama, as well as the "take back Mass Effect" movement from a few years ago, the gaming community seems to think that developers are 100% responsible for the unrealistic expectations of players.

And I think that's a load of BS.

Not all the videogame companies are similar but all of them have one thing in common - they need us, the players. They want our money and the easiest way to do that is to conform to what the people want. If you want to blame someone for the what the videogame industry has become today to then blame the gamers.

Just look at Call of Duty, that thing has been the same game re-hashed over the years and its still one of the most profitable series ever made, even to this day. When you buy something, you're basically telling the creators that you appreciate their work and want more like it. Look at those Kickstarter projects that either flopped or were abandoned half-way through - we've had more than half a dozen cases like that that hit the gaming world like a hammer, yet did people stopped investing money on Kickstarters? Did they stopped paying to get access to early-access games? No, they did not.

Some videogame companies are nothing more than vultures that take advantage of gullible people with too much money to spare, but that doesn't mean they're the root of the problem, they're a symptom, a parasite that adapted itself itself to its host. It's the gullible people who keep feeding these parasites are the ones to blame here, and this applies to many things including the whole "challenging vs casual" debate.

#2355334 Will you play again?

Posted Datenshi92 on 06 May 2015 - 07:49 PM

View Postraspberry jam, on 06 May 2015 - 06:49 PM, said:


I agree.

GW2 is not a "challenging" game in any shape or form. It has some initial complexity when you first get into it but you get over that in a few weeks, months at most. Most of its "difficult" content is considered so because everything up to that point has been more or less of a cake-walk, and we're not physically or mentally prepared to deal with it. I think the majority of the GW2 community agrees that the game lacks challenge but at the same time nobody really expects anything to to change because 1) people fear change and 2) it would probably make farming gold more difficult.

There's also this misconception that challenge = chore = bad. A challenging game doesn't necessarily mean its a chore, its never a chore if you're having fun doing it. I think casuals who are afraid of difficulty probably never played games with the right kind of challenge. A casual game, due to its nature and concept, has to rely on easy but oftentimes repetitive and boring tasks to get you anywhere (where GW2 stands right now)... while a more challenging game can reward you more often because every step you give is a challenge of its own. Get what I'm saying?

#2355331 Will you play again?

Posted raspberry jam on 06 May 2015 - 06:49 PM

View PostKovalenko, on 23 April 2015 - 05:36 AM, said:

tl;dr: some parts of GW2 need to stay easy or else it's not fun to play anymore (it becomes a chore), some parts of GW2 are so casual that it has attracted many attention whores to the community and the overall quality of the playerbase (both social and gaming skill-wise) has declined, or at least changed to alienate some of GW1's and original GW2 players.

This is just my opinion.
My opinion is that your opinion is wrong. Something that is easy but yet requires you to go through the motions to get what you want is pretty much the definition of a chore. What you mean is that if something you expect to be able to cash in on easily actually requires effort/skill, then it's boring to you.

Now the question is whether it's due to the challenge presented, or if it is because of the expectations of being able to easily complete content. Seeing as a lot of well-loved games are quite challenging indeed, I'd say that it is the latter.
And who is really to blame for the expectations of players?

#2353336 Will you play again?

Posted Datenshi92 on 18 March 2015 - 03:45 AM

View PostPhineas Poe, on 18 March 2015 - 01:15 AM, said:

For "endgame" options outside of crafting a legendary you have:

1. World vs. World
2. Player vs. Player
2. Living Story S2 + Silverwastes/Dry Top
3. Fractals of the Mists

I can understand someone quitting at launch for a lack of endgame, but you cannot reasonably suggest that the only thing to do at level 80 is grind dailies when they have rigorously overhauled the "endgame" of WvW and PvE and even went back and fixed PvP's rated arenas with good rewards that actually lead back to PvE progression (e.g., reward tracks and dungeoneer title).

I did not suggest that the only thing to left to do are dailies... you're the one assuming that. What I said that it takes more than an overhauled daily reward to keep me interested in the game. The reason why I didn't mention the other things you can do its because I think they're insignificant in the greater scheme of things. When half of the stuff they changed is something you're not interested in and the other half is just "meh", like achievements, you kinda end up in the same predicament a I.

I've had GW2 since launch and I'm well aware of what has changed ever since, including the "rigorous overhaul" they did towards the end. I still keep up with with the news and patch updates, even though I don't really play the game anymore. My problem is that, to me, the game got reduced to a zerg-fest and a dungeon grind. PvP and WvW are pretty much straight out of the equation because I don't like it. PvE is my only option and even that I'm struggling with because I've done so much of it that I just burned myself. I have leveled dozens of alts (including classes that I deleted and re-done), I've got more than 8k achievements (including dungeon master), I've got the armor I wanted, I have completed the story, I've done my share of SW and dungeon farming, I've had more than 300g in my wallet (not the richest person in the game but for me it was a lot), I've burned a small fortune trying to get precursors from the Mystic Toilet and I've done enough fractals to last me a life time. Titles and achievements are nice and all but they can't really replace real gameplay content (i.e exploring NEW maps, progressing through the story, doing NEW events, more mini-games, etc).

The "rigorous overhaul" they did feels like bones they have thrown at us to keep us occupied while they work on REAL content. There's a huge time gap between the point where they stopped working on GW2 and the point where the expansion will be released. The Chinese year event doesn't count by the way. I don't know... I just feel like the game has nothing else for me. But like I said before, this could also very well be a personal problem of mine with MMOs - either they're really crap or its me who is growing out of them. Maybe both.