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Take a look , the Mini Karka

16 November 2012 - 06:03 PM

So i decided to buy some chests from gem store even after being burned on Halloween.  Opened all my chests and got the usual everyone is getting.  Then I decided to play with forge and realized i could put stuff in it that came from chests.  At that point I had not looked at wiki to see the outcome was a chest.  So 3 light shoulder skins and 1 of each of the passion fruit, flower and the shell.

Popped open the chest and it gave me this beauty!
Posted Image
Can't really say what was on the designers minds when coming up with this, but me thinks someone dislikes women and their body parts!

HGR, Spooktacular Halloween Festival!

25 October 2012 - 04:04 PM

Spooktacular Halloween Festival is Hardcore Gamers Radio’s first big event in Guild Wars 2 and with that; we have many very nice giveaways.

The event will take place on the Dragonbrand server in Lions Arch from 10AM EST to 10 PM EST on Fri,Sat&Sun. Also be aware Dj’s Llendar and Toki as well as I own Yea Man will be Djing out of Lions Arch on their server since they are not on Dragonbrand.
Dj Llendar and Toki will be Djing from the Ferguson’s Crossing Server and I own Ya Man will be Djing from the Whiteside Ridge Server; all other Djs will be djing out of the Dragonbrand server.

For full details check out our facebook event page.

Some of the items to be given away on the air:

1 Full Set of Knight's Exalted Exotic Armor (6 Piece Light Amor Set)

1 Full Set of Knight's Draconic Exotic Armor (6 Piece Heavy Armor Set)

1 Full Set of Berserker's Emblazoned Exotic Armor (6 Piece Medium Armor Set)

One set will be given away each day of our event. So on Friday a random set will be given away, Saturday a random set and Sunday the final set will be given away. So be tuned in for that.

We will also be giving away one of each weapon listed below throughout the 3 day event. These are exotic weapons.

Rampagers Pearl Handcannon

Rampagers Pearl Carver

Valkyrie Pearl Conch

Valkyrie Pearl Brazier

Carrion Pearl Blunderbuss

Carrion Pearl Crusher

Berserker's Pearl Rod

Berserker's Pearl Quarterstaff

Berserker's Pearl Trident

Berserker's Pearl Needler

Berserker's Pearl Stinger

Berserker's Pearl Siren

Berserker's Quaggan Speargun

Berserker's Pearl Broadsword

Berserker's Pearl Sabre

Berserker's Pearl Shell

Berserker's Pearl Bludgeoner

Berserker's Pearl Reaver

Berserker's Pearl Impaler

Random Giveaway items:

100 Unidentified Dyes

100 Black Lion Chests

2 Strong Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying

2 Ghostly Tonics

2 Ruby Orichalcum Amulet of the Berserker

As well as anything the DJs would like to give away on a personal basis.

Hope to see you all out there.

LOL @ Blizzard

25 August 2012 - 01:46 AM

So they are back up to their shenanigans earlier today.  They are really looking desperate now.


It looked bad enough that they announced the date of 28th for the pre-patch.  This one just shows how scared they are in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

The anticipation is KILLING me!

24 August 2012 - 03:45 PM

So in a reflective moment today I remembered way back when in 08 when GW1 was about to do a huge skill change http://wiki.guildwar...tes:August_2008 That was august 7th 4 years ago.  If anyone ever has doubts about what Anet does to support a game just take a stroll through the updates section for GW1.  The game was changed drastically from the box version we all bought in the beginning.  Who remembers back when skills didnt show durations on them?

Okay to the point, I am basically a knot in a chair at work today and utterly useless for getting anything done.  I didn't even sleep well last night knowing what was coming.

Tonight this will be the theme song for me and I may possibly start it on a loop 3hrs before headstart.  Are there any other veteran gamers beside themselves with excitement for the next 12 hrs?  Please share some of your favorite memories of GW1 or other games that have brought you here.

I think last night was an indicator of exact launch time!

23 August 2012 - 06:17 PM

Since Anet rarely does anything by accident, do you think they tipped us off to when the servers will fire up on launch night.

Them announcing a short notice stress test at such an odd time.
9:10 pm PDT which is equivalent to 2hr 50min prior to 0:00 am PDT.

I certainly hope that is the case and would mean people are only spamming f5 for around 10 minutes.

This falls under their "up to 3 hrs before" statement and certainly doesn't seem like an accident to me.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?