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Orr Map Completion LFG

02 January 2013 - 06:15 AM

Hello everyone,

It appears that Orr is dead on my server (Crystal Desert for the week, but usually Isle of Janthir). As such it is quite difficult to get all the exploring done for map completion. This thread is for fellow explorers who wish to complete Orr in a more reasonable manner, ie a group instead of soloing. For example (just off the top of my head), there is one Skill Point that is nearly impossible to obtain when soloing in cursed shore due to the veteran AND champion that stands right next to it, each with a CC ability (it's a Commune SP so you can't get hit).

Basically everyone that is interested just post your info in this thread, including server and what times you can play. Obviously this is not only for me, and since there are so many servers I wish everyone luck in finding your party! As for me, I can play pretty much any time for the next 5 days. Character name Saint Cresselia.

If this is in the wrong section mods please move it, I am posting it here as TA gets the most traffic. Thanks!

Human Female Armors

02 December 2012 - 04:05 PM

Hey guys, first time posting here. I searched the forums and only found a thread from beta and a Norn Female thread on armors.

Is there a comprehensive gallery of what armor sets look like on human females? I'm not looking for "medieval knight" sorts of armor, something a bit revealing OR lighter looking. The wiki isn't helping much at all, I remember the GW1 wiki had all the armors for each profession.

Thanks for the help!