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In Topic: Equipping a Warrior

04 December 2015 - 03:17 PM

Then you're all set, as I said, until you get to the higher level Fractals.

Save your Gold up and then craft exactly what you need when you get to that point. Enjoy playing the game...you can get where you want to be as far as gear goes from just playing, salvaging, and selling stuff as you play the game. Then make what you decide on. It all depends on how fast YOU feel you need stuff. :)

Good luck, and have fun!

In Topic: Equipping a Warrior

03 December 2015 - 08:58 PM

OK...opinions will vary a lot...but here is a down and dirty breakdown from someone who has played Warrior since GW1...nto that that really matters...lol. This is broken down on game type.

PvE: Exotics will get you through 98% of PvE(actually you can do most PvE in rare gear and be OK.), including Dungeons. The Stat difference between Exotic and Ascended is borderline inconsequential for most PvE content.The biggest exception is Fractals and Dungeon Speed Clear Teams. If you plan to play with groups doing high-level Fractals or Speed Clearing Dungeons, you'll need ascended gear for the Agony Resistance and maxing stats. Agony Resistance is for when you get past like Fractal level 20 or 30...somewhere in there. Its a necessity at that point. Max stats are always needed for the uber speed-clear teams...to go for those record times.

PvP: You can also do this with Exotics for fun...but if you plan to be on a really competitive PvP team...you'll again want Ascended for the extra stat boost. (Yes, its a small percentage boost, which makes almost 0 difference in PvE, but does make a difference in PvP when you without question need that max DPS spike as fast as possible.)

WvW: I play WvW in Exotic Armor, using Exotic Weapons, with Ascended accessories. And I do fine(although I am the first to think I suck at 1v1s). If you want to be a true Meta-Min/Maxer(best stats, best DPS, etc, etc) then you go all Ascended, but that is by choice. In WvW skill can make a bigger difference than the stat differences between exotic and ascended.

Opinions will vary, but I think this will about cover it. Good Luck!

In Topic: Show Us Your Ranger!

29 November 2015 - 03:32 AM

Finally made a set that embodies the name...Killing Frost. (Still have my Green Arrow in-game cosplay set, but now it can stay green...lol)
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In Topic: [Build][Guide] A Look at D/D Condition Dmg Thieves

27 November 2015 - 09:37 PM

OK...you know the question had to be coming...:)

What would you tweak in this build for the World Bosses to have some range? As you know, some of them get quite angry when we get up close to them or their minions...and we Thieves can be a right squishy lot when it comes to those big direct DPS spikes...lol

You know of the fondness we all have for the SB. Any way to effectively incorporate it in this for use in the aforementioned World Boss fights?

I'm still trying to recover from the loss of Ricochet(I loved my P/P - SB Thief :( ), but that's a whole other thread and discussion. I like the concept behind this, and I haven't ran a D/D build in forever, so once again, you may lure me back to playing my Thief. :) lol

In Topic: Axe/Mace DPS Build for Dungeons and Fractals - 04/15/14

10 November 2015 - 05:08 PM

hey Nike...like the new vid.

Question where I'd like to hear your thoughts...in the HoT areas where having that CC(break-bar) from your Mace/Mace swap is important...would you run that as your swap when in those tough PvE areas, or would you stick with Axe/Mace and switch over to M/M before say jumping in the chopper to go fight the Legendary Wyvern?

I have used both with success(as most of the time I don't leave GS during the dynamic events), however sometimes...stressed SOMETIMES...when all but the AA of GS is on cooldown...Eviscerate is a great gap closer to get back into the fight with an Axe 3, Eviscerate, Axe 2, and then switch back to GS.

Granted I have been one of the players who has NOT taken a great liking to the Berserker Spec, but I am willing to give it another shot. Your thoughts on the above will help me determine how to approach getting used to the new rotation. and adding in Headbut.

Thanks for the continued updates.