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#2346673 Preview of Upcoming Balance Changes

Posted Satenia on 16 January 2015 - 10:51 PM

Did I just see some guardian shield love? A step into the right direction, Anet, keep it coming :P

#2345340 So What Does Your Engineer Look Like?

Posted Satenia on 01 January 2015 - 09:34 PM

No fashion-love for engineers? :qq:

I hope this doesn't qualify as the bad kind of double-post, but I finally resolved my dilemma to find more suitable leg-wear than I had in the above picture.

Happy :D

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#2341646 The "Signator"

Posted Stouts on 28 October 2014 - 11:43 AM

Just created one.  Best generator I've used yet.  Thanks!

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#1217830 The "Signator"

Posted Watanka on 18 March 2012 - 09:41 AM

=== UPDATE ===

Hello again, after 2 years !

The Signator is back in a brand new version !
When I've created this topic, I was saying "hundreds of possibilites". Today the Signator is a lot more powerfull. I think I can say "millions of possibilites" now.

Check it out ! :)


In the near future you will be able to create signature for other game than GW2. Please use the survey on the site to vote for the next game.
Feel free to post comments and questions.
Thank you !

Here is few examples of signatures generated with this tool :

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=== OLD POST ===

Hello everyone !

I would like to present you a tool that I've created.
You can create a personalized signature for forums with hundreds of possibilities.

Of course, it's free and didn't show a big ads on it.

There is some example of what you can create with it.

Hope you'll like it !


(and sorry for my poor english skill !)

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#2344052 Season 2 Returns Jan 13th, Winter's Day, WvW Event, and more.

Posted davadude on 09 December 2014 - 06:41 PM

Hijacking your post, thanks!

#2343873 Want a theme for your character?

Posted Andemius on 06 December 2014 - 02:45 AM

Brilliant work Dusk, that one gave me chills. I hope you enjoyed creating that, cos I sure enjoyed the end result.

Slightly off topic, but these remind me of PS:T and the short loopables, for some of the main NPCs like Annah, and Deinarrah - I love those, and so far I'm loving your thread :)

#2343870 Want a theme for your character?

Posted DusK on 05 December 2014 - 06:50 PM

View PostThorfinnr, on 05 December 2014 - 05:29 PM, said:

Is it ok if I post the link to the Theme you did for me in my server's forum? It would straight link to your youtube posting.
Oh yeah, definitely. Share the hell out of these tracks.

#2343857 Want a theme for your character?

Posted DusK on 05 December 2014 - 12:54 AM

Here's the theme for Thorfinnr's character of the same name.

This one took a while. I started conceptualizing it around early October (I think, it was almost right after the story got posted), but when I found a concept I wanted to get down into DAW, the holiday season started. I work retail, so I didn't have an ounce of time to work on it. With the Black Friday rush done, I was finally able to sit down and get it done today.

I went for a very heroic feel with this. Timpani, horns, and lots of staccato strings make up the base of the track. Because of the character's strong norn heritage, I decided to incorporate Jeremy Soule's norn motif into Thorfinnr's theme, and build a new composition around that.

EDIT: Time to double down!

Here's the theme for Andemius' character, Alesia Langmar.

I wanted the track here to have an ethereal, otherworldly approach, with a solemn tone to it. Flowing strings, a brooding piano, a harp, and a female choir all lend themselves to both the otherworldliness and piousness of Alesia. The whispers are two recorded samples of me reciting a section of the Scriptures of Dwayna, one in reverse.

#2342360 Show Off Your Thief!

Posted Thandric on 10 November 2014 - 04:51 PM

Here's my thief, Artemis Graveguard.

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#2343314 [Answered] Identical Bows?

Posted Fireheart on 24 November 2014 - 04:37 PM

There is a bow called Pirate Needler (Shortbow) and Pirate Crescent (Longbow). Both bows look exactly the same and have exactly the same size. They can be bought for 9,800 karma after a Jumping Puzzle in Sharkmaw Caverns in Lions Arch. Here you have more information on those bows.

Shortbow: http://wiki.guildwar.../Pirate_Needler

Longbow: http://wiki.guildwar...Pirate_Crescent

#2342993 Guardian Screenshots Thread!

Posted Phenn on 18 November 2014 - 08:58 PM

New shinies for my Asura. For some reason, Meditations made me love the Guardian. Still can't stand any other build...

Kkyzian likes smacking stuff with his new Foefire Essence.
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Especially nasty quagganses.
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And also the ground...
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#2339073 The Perfect DPS Ranger Guide... For Real

Posted BrazilTheHue on 12 September 2014 - 10:18 PM

View PostThorfinnr, on 11 September 2014 - 04:26 PM, said:

Brazil has an updated guide on his Youtube Channel, hopefully he'll drop an update in here as well.

LB - Sword/Axe looks to be his new set of choice...and its pretty sick. Go search him on Youtube and you can check it out.

Updated :)

#2341628 Want a theme for your character?

Posted Andemius on 27 October 2014 - 07:05 AM

Okay, so here goes my attempt for my guardian. I used to be good at creative writing, however it's a muscle I haven't used it a while! Please excuse any sketchy punctuation :)

This is the story of Alesia Langmar.

Alesia is the half sister of Captain Langmar of the Ebon Vanguard. Although separated since birth, she never knew this, and has spent her years growing up at the Temple of Ages as novice and assistant to the Priestess of Dwayna.

As the undead ran increasingly more daring in their assaults near the Temple, Alesia's role turned slowly from assistance with the rites of Dwayna to defender of the Temple. She showed strength of conviction in protecting the sacred grounds, one of the few places humans could meditate and seek guidance from their deities.

About 26 years into Alesia's life at the Temple, the priestess was taken mortally ill, and died within a few days of contracting what the Temple healers could only describe as a corruption. Alesia spent weeks lost in grief, mourning the passing of her mentor and friend - only to be summoned by the Avatar of Dwayna in the twilight hours. Humbled by the directive of Dwayna, even through Her avatar, Alesia asked what She willed of her, a simple novice.

Dwayna spoke words of comfort at her loss, and told Alesia she had been chosen to carry out a vital and dangerous task, in service of her Goddess. The cause of death of the priestess was revealed to Alesia to be of corruption from the Fissure of Woe. There, a dark and unholy manuscript was being used by an abomination - a priest of Menzies. Only by striking down the priest, and recovering the text, could the corruption be halted. Dwayna elected Alesia as her champion, and told her to seek willing souls to join her in this task.

Alesia rushed to waken the Temple's priests and priestesses, informing them of what had transpired. After hours of counsel and deliberation between themselves, Alesia was granted their blessing in this, and admonished to seek her volunteers.

In the end, roughly 50 men and women, pledged themselves to the mission. They prepared to leave, Alesia kneeling before the statue of Balthazar and beseeching Him to allow them passage to the Fissure. When the swirling void of the portal to the Fissure subsided, Alesia immediately saw that this was not destined to be an easy trip. 15 of her number fell to the ground in fear and would not be moved - electing to wait and pray they would be rescued from the place of nightmare.

With the remaining contingent of her force, Aleisa led them through the masses of the Shadow Army, and the darkness. By the time they reached sight of the camp of the Priest of Menzies, the numbers of their group was reduced by a further 20. Many had fallen in ambush from the undead, and more still upon the aincient battlefield.

With the last 15 souls  - Alesia planned to assault the camp of the priest, and strike him down before reinforcements could arrive. It was then, that voices of doubt made themselves heard amongst the party. There were claims of deception, suicide and betrayal. Nonetheless, Alesia led them one last time against the camp - making it as far as the priest's tent before the last of her followers succumbed to weight of numbers.
Seeing her fate sealed, Alesia knelt to the ground and prayed to Dwayna - asking Her for a painless end, and begging Her forgiveness for her failure. She did not expect the cold arms to wrap round her, and drag her to a darkened cave, only to be thrown in and a boulder slid in the entrance. Here she sat, weeping in the gloom, as she realized no-one could rescue her, and she would not leave the cave alive.

After two years in the darkness, Alesia had given up hope, and any will to live - yet she did not die. It was only when she heard the footsteps outside, and the grating of stone on stone that she awoke from semi-consciousness. It was not the heavy, crunching footsteps of her captors. It was soft, light, and cautious. Only when she felt the touch of a gentle hand upon her shoulder plates did she look up. Above her, stood a woman - tall in stature, a warrior of some kind - offering her hand to Alesia. She took it, and was pulled upright and supported - she was weak from the time spent in the darkness. As she passed into sleep, Alesia heard the voices of others, one of which said it was time to leave.

For days back at the Temple, the healers tried to ascertain what had happened, and to rouse Alesia from her slumber. When she finally awoke, she found to her sorrow, that she had become some kind of Wisp or Wraith, an ethereal being. She took this as being punishment from Dwayna, and left the Temple. She spent many years watching the nations around her rise and fall. In an attempt to win back favor with Dwayna, she single-handedly defended the village of Beetletun from waves of advancing undead for hours on end. Though filled with determination, this was not enough, and she was overpowered and left to bleed to death on the outskirts as the undead ransacked the village. It was then, she realized that she could not die. She could be mortally wounded, but would not pass on. Alesia believed this to be additional punishment from Dwayna, refusing to allow her to come into Her presence.

Though time has passed, new heroes have come forth, enemies have awoken, and the 6 gods remain silent - Aleisa still allies herself with those trying to protect the world. She spends much of her time when not in combat at the ruined Temple in Godslost Swamp. Though her appearance is cold and unfeeling, part of her still hopes one day to be forgiven for her failure, and return to Dwayna's grace.

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#2341901 Want a theme for your character?

Posted DusK on 03 November 2014 - 03:24 AM

People who have placeholders set up: Let's see those character stories! I'm picking one for a character theme tomorrow.

#2341361 The candy wrapper raffle...

Posted davadude on 22 October 2014 - 12:19 PM

I did some drop rate research for you today, so you can use this to form your opinions and go on with this discussion:

-250 ToT bags (17 raffle tickets)
-50 enemies killed (1 raffle ticket)
-6 champion loot boxes (5 raffle tickets from one box)

I think the gem store part is bullshit.  The drop rates of the tickets, however, is acceptable in my eyes.  If they get rid of them from the gem store, it's a nice extra.