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PvE and WvW: 3xKrait & 3xAfflicted vs 6x Undead

07 November 2012 - 08:26 PM

So guys. I am currently using 3x superior Krait and 3x superior Afflicted on my necro, but since we're handcapped on how much gear with prec, cond and toug we can get(there is no exotic trinkets with those stats) I was wondering if it would compensate swapping those runes for 6 undead. I would lose around 30% bleed duration from the runes but win a lot of toughness and more condition damage to compensate. Is it a nice change for WvW and PvE?

I am asking this since I will get even more resistant and Conditions are somehow easily dispelable on WvW environment also I still feel a bit squishy with 2400 armor.

Anet MC development: The Wedge Antilles Theory

11 October 2012 - 10:57 AM

**********************************SPOILERS AHEAD********************************************

Well, for those of you that don't know much of the Star Wars universe lore, let me tell you a bit of Wedge Antilles. Wedge Antilles is a X-Wing pilot, that together with Luke Skywalker, has partaken lots of missions against the Empire. Wedge Antilles is that guy, that helps you a great deal, is an ace pilot and in the end wins a pat in the back while Luke Skywalker obtain the golden medal together with Han and Chewie.

As I ilustrate my point, I bring up Nostalgia Critic's review of the movie Tom and Jerry:
Please Advance to 6:10. That girl over there is Trahearne(a.k.a as Khormir 2.0).
Posted Image
Just look at this guy's face. You know you want to punch him. The moment this mofo right there shows up in Claw Island, you know your life is gonna be a living hell. Yes gentlemen, your moment in the spotlight is over. Say goodbye to your order's BFF because he/she will be gone because this guy over there just showed up on your personal story and he wants the spotlight now, and won't do anything the entire storyline besides whining and crying about the importance of his Wyld hunt. The moment this guy shows up, you become Wedge Antilles. You are not Luke Skywalker anymore. Basicaly all the missions that come after you meet this douchebag are about giving him something, or checking something for him while he gets all the recognition and well, you get that pat in the back. He becomes the leader of the Pact, and you are his errand boy

You gentlemen, are now Wedge Antilles. I just can't believe ArenaNet did Khormir all over again.

PS: This is a fun post guys, but yeah it ilustrate a bit my feelings towards the story line.

Ranger and handling Dungeon Mob Packs(Ascalon Dungeon)

28 August 2012 - 02:30 PM


My friend was complaining that on every single pull of trash mobs on Ascalon Dungeon his pet was getting downed very fast and saying the enemies were focusing his pet first before the players. Is there any way to avoid this from happening, like a mechanic to control the pet and send it later or a way to avoid it to grab attention from the enemies inside dungeons and not getting downed so quickly?

God of Justice

23 August 2012 - 01:15 AM

hey guys, I am an old gw1 player but never got this truly understood and now that GW2 is coming up and the option to choose of the gods to follow, which of the gods would represent justice? For instance, I always believed it was Grenth, but I am not quite sure. Thanks for the attention

Worried about Greatsword PvP Viability

20 August 2012 - 04:15 PM

I felt in love with the warrior class. Warrior offers a lot of situation viability according to the weapon being used. That said, I think Greatsword for PvP is really lacking. And I will share my thoughts on why. The GS Kit offers 2 gap closers(which can be used as escape mechanism and mobility), a ranged slow effect, and a heavy hitting self-rooting damage skill that really hurts when it hit plus a vulnerability debuff applied via the 1 chain combo skill. But that's it, when it's about damage, all the warrior can do is relying on hitting 100b on a distracted oponent or new players that are not familiar with dodge mechanics and stun/immobilize removing effects. The GS kit feels just like a super roamer moving around the map and killing said oponents above with 100b. Most of the PvP builds for damage just involve stunning one guy, turning on frenzy and pray for the kill. Most experienced players will never fall for that, actually, a self-rooted warrior with frenzy up against experienced players will most likely go downed in a few seconds. Most classes with the self-root buff skill have some trade off for standing there channeling the move(pistol whip for example, offers a 0.5 sec stun, blurred frenzy offers 2 seconds of evading all damage), I think 100b could use a change on pvp via a trait or different functionality like some skills did in GW1, for example, allowing the user to move on a slow speed(similar to the guardian whirling wrath skill, but at the cost of a lower damage or even a spin mechanic like whirling axe), or the skill 3 or 5 of the Greatsword kit could offer something different or more interesting to them like conditions, stun or imobilize effects to them. 100b actual mechanic in a game where ranged can cast while moving and with a dodge system implemented feels a bit outdated imo, and will likely never kill or even hit an aware oponent.
Don't think this post is just about buff/nerf 100b, i am mainly comenting about 100b because it's the only skill GS warriors have for damage. Ty for your attention.

TLDR:GS feels great for roaming but lacks on overall damage(most of the damage comes from 1 skill alone), relying on an easy counterable skill for it's damage and feels imbalanced in comparison to other weapons/classes.