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Date Added: 29 September 2012 - 12:23 PM
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Summary: So why is it that Gw2 is losing so many?
Q and A in regards to the drop in players, i present some reasons but would love to hear your own

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Gw2 - Losing its players

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Soki ( 04 February 2013 - 06:07 AM )

ANet defense force is in full swing.

All the guy was saying is there's no drive to play, everything is way too grindy and repetitive, and the PvE is designed badly.

I'd like to add on that the push for the market to be this tightly-tuned thing is very bad for an MMO.

Wrancor ( 08 October 2012 - 05:40 PM )

(Disclamer: I am a casual player)

I think Guild Wars does it right. The hardcore players are typically better skilled (practice makes perfect) and have invested the time to research how to min/max. Casual players can jump into the end game and feel like they are helping their side, have survivability, and have some chance to kill a hard core player 1 on 1.

The most upset (and most vocal) are hard core players (skilled or not) that think time invested should equal greatest power, no exception. These are the people quitting GW2.

On my guild's WvW vent chat, one guy was ranting how he (a 'true' level 80 warrior) was jumped by a mid 30 lvl Ranger and was killed 1 on 1. He said this should never happen because was was '80' even though everyone is 80 on Wvw. I think he is wrong. That run-in shows the game is working perfectly.

Sparky ( 01 October 2012 - 02:58 PM )

People are leaving because they need something to progress to that takes many months and is slow and grindy. Cosmetics seemed to work alright for guild wars 1...maybe they could implement titles better or make them more obvious. In ddo, for me it was the ability to reincarnate and be a tiny bit stronger each time after maxing level. In other games they either have something to strive for with power, or inherently fun like most FPS pvp.

I feel that guild wars 2 could have been better if they took more risks with class skills. GW1 had a bunch that were very powerful in the right situation, often too powerful. while this is frustrating for newer players, it gives much variety to keep things fresh for older players. Guild wars 2 seems a bit bland when it comes to skill selection and having a unique build. maybe they need a couple permanent leveling options.

Tristany ( 01 October 2012 - 02:49 PM )

There are no good MMOs anymore... the last good one was WoW:Burning Crusade..

It's all candyland and eyecandy.

Jentavi ( 01 October 2012 - 02:01 PM )

No. Just No! This game is Skillbased, if you to crush people just get better at the game !
This game is very rewarding for skilled players and for casual players. The people that want to crush people by outgearing them are not made for guildwars2

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