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Added By: Sekta
Date Added: 21 December 2012 - 11:20 AM
Views: 799
Summary: Funny running through a zerg after overextending. An excerpt from another video.
An excerpt from my upcoming video.

In-game Details:

Character Name: Sekta
Server: Sea of Sorrows
Guild: Darkness Is Everywhere [DiE]


System Specs:

HD 7970 Trifire
2600k @ 4.8Ghz
16gb ram 1600mhz
120Hz refresh rate

Game Settings:

1920x1080 Maxed out except Ultras & Supersampling. SMAA, Dynamic Vsync, Triple buffering, SweetFX through RadeonPro.

Video Details:

Recorder: RadeonPro MJPEG.
Edited: Adobe Premiere CS6 with decoder PIC Video MJPEG v4 rendered out in Lagarith Lossless Codec.
Compressed: Handbrake, default settings. MKV container.

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