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Summary: Kyle discusses where to farm Sparks for their Charged Lodestones
This week we will be farming Sparks in Malchor’s Leap. There are 3 different locations to farm sparks. Two of them are in Cursed Shore of Orr and are only there during certain events. The first location is just north of Caer’s Shadowfain Waypoint and the other is just west of Arah Waypoint. Since I couldn’t get a lot of sparks in this zone, I decided to farm the majority of my sparks in Malchor’s Leap south of Tempest Waypoint and specifically just south of Karst Plains in a ruin with veteran sparks and spirits of valor. The sparks themselves are simple to take down and the veterans are a bit tougher but still pretty simple. Grab a farming buddy like I did and things will go a lot smoother.

These sparks are the only things that drop charged lodestones which sell for around 3.5 gold. I wasn’t lucky enough to get one during my first hour but if you do, your profits could exceed 4 gold. Not bad, eh?

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