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Date Added: 26 January 2013 - 05:39 PM
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Summary: the build that will allow you to own in massive WvW battles

This video includes the differences between PvE conditionmancer and WvW conditionmancer – how and why you change the build, why fear is so important & testing of the fear in this build… All of these explained in detail with the reasoning behind each decision.

Last but not least… we take this build on a field test in the most fierce WvW battles you have ever seen…
It will show you what to do in open battles, how to sustain the fight & pick your targets in the crowd and bring them into the ground… all of this while having really high survivability.


“???” Attack – irrelevant
1837 Condition damage
93% Bleeding duration
50% Critical strike chance
2703 Armor
~ 20,992 Health

+ 100% fear duration increase
+ 6 potential fears
+ protection at 50% health
+ the ability to support in large fights

If i missed anything or if you have any questions feel free to comment here, on in the comment section on youtube.

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