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Date Added: 02 February 2013 - 03:41 PM
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Summary: What a necromancer can do in TPvP and how...
I’ve taken into consideration what people have stated about my WvW video, i was asked to get to the point faster… and so i did. I have compiled two variations of the conditionmancer build in under 30 minutes, it is less detailed then what i normally do and therefor this is for players that have at least a bit of experience with the necromancer class (people that do TPvP).

Those 30 minutes are followed by 1 hour of TPvP footage that shows this build’s potential, not to the extent that i would like since i was focusing on leading my group at the same time… but it shows that you can still own people even if you only focus half your attention on fighting…

This video demonstrated that you can hold your own in 1v1, you can survive being zerged, you can put the nail in the coffin in team fights… at one point myself and 2 others fight a skilled bunker guardian, and since we lost i wasn’t doing much to him… but then i decided i will kill him before the match ends, and so i ensured his death…

DUELS coming soon…

In the coming week(s) i will go into more detail on how to… use this build in various cases, such as how to… vs guardian, warrior, thief, ranger…
I will scheduled duels – best of 3 with an average of 20 individuals of each class, all above my current PvP level. If i win i will explain why and how… if i lose i will explain why and what to not do… It will be a very beneficial experience not only for myself but for you guys as well…

If i missed anything or if you have any questions feel free to comment here, on in the comment section on youtube.

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