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Added By: Amins
Date Added: 08 February 2013 - 08:42 PM
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Summary: Amins - Guardian Perspective - Counter Zerg
Group Roaming gameplay in WvW on Ehmry Bay.

Blast Combo's, Stealth Bombs, 10v20+. All the goodies!

1080p & Turn UP the Bass!

10/0/30/10/20 -- Meditations -- Knights w/ Lyssa + Beryl Jewelry + Zerker Weapons.

Because I'm runing w/ a group, the only real difference between this and Zealous Defender is that' the 10 in Honor is for Aegis Heals and 20 in Virtues is for Aegis Grants Stability.

Yes, loosing the 5 in raidiance kind of sucks... actually sucks alot! But hey, can't have everything... Mor buffs plz!


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